Bathrooms stand out as one of the two most popular interior remodeling projects in any home. After all, they are great selling points when it comes time to sell the house. They are also a space that people use every day. If you are going to spend so much time in one place, you might as well make it look nice, appealing, and welcoming. With many people staying at home in 2020, remodel projects spiked in popularity. This trend has only continued to roll over into 2021, and we’ve gathered the most popular design and color trends you can apply to your bathroom this year.


In recent years, white subway tiles were the way to go for any bathroom design. They provide a smooth and classy look to any space. They also offer a very simple look and serve as an excellent background for bathroom and shower walls. This year, they are here to stay, but they are taking on a different color. Blue hue subway tiles with white trim and appliances not only keep the look clean and classy, but it adds a stroke of creativity and life.

Another material that’s popular for 2021 is graphic wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is making a return, but it doesn’t look like the type used in homes back in the ‘70s. Ralph Lauren even came up with a brand-new wallpaper for bathrooms that takes on a pin-striped look. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t discount wallpaper when you’re designing your bathroom remodel this year.

Another big trend of 2021 is installing backlit mirrors into bathrooms. Houzz tells us that 77% of homeowners install new mirrors during a bathroom remodel. Of that 77%, most are opting for backlit mirrors these days. Backlit mirrors all have different styles as well. Some have thick borders with gold trim, and some have no border at all. As with everything else, you will have to pick the mirror that best fits your bathroom style and theme.


White might have been all the rage for bathrooms in the past six years, but now the other end of the spectrum is drumming up attention. Showers with coal-colored subway tiles on the walls and smoky grey hex tiles on the floor are a more traditional look in late 2020 and early 2021. The rest of the bathroom can also have an off-grey color painted on the walls, along with darker-colored appliances. These bathrooms don’t quite go into an all-black look, but they definitely pull away from the cool look that white color theme bathrooms provide.

The colors of aquatic blue and white are also two colors used together to create new and personalized spaces in bathrooms. With this theme, the base color of the bathroom stays white, with hints of aquatic blue sprinkled in. This could include the bathroom cabinet, the hand towels, or even the lampshades. This pop of color gives the bathroom character and lets you add a personalized touch to your space.

With green initiatives increasing in popularity in 2021, it seems as though even bathroom spaces can’t escape their influence. Earthy tones are also being used a lot more in bathrooms these days. This includes pops of green, natural wood cabinets, wooden appliances, and even setting up plants on shelves in the bathrooms. This theme gives off calm and warm feelings, which are two emotions you will want in a bathroom.

These bathroom trends of 2021 will do a lot more than just change the way your bathroom looks; they will also give your space character, class, and creativity. If you need help coming up with need ideas or organizing colors, reach out to us! We would love to help you transform your space and have years of experience helping homeowners bring their home visions to life.

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