Crown molding is a beautiful addition to any space. It can spruce up any space and make it new. As well as can be a great way to cover up any gaps in space and add dimension to a room. These types of moldings can also architectural interest. The eye is drawn upward adding depth and character to the room. Crown molding also has added benefits like increasing home value. There are various ways to add dimension to your room with crown molding.

Consider Where

There are a variety of applications for crown molding, beyond just lining your ceiling with it. Some of our favorite ways to implement it are below.

  • Between wall and ceiling – This type of molding adds dimension and emphasis to any space. This is the classic way to add dimension to any room. This type of holding can be used on walls to make space seem bigger. This is great for a living room to add dimension and seem open and full of space.
  • Cabinets soffits – This can help to extend the cabinets and add a more dramatic feel to the kitchen, even covering up uneven cabinet edges. It can also add a bit of flair to otherwise plain cabinets, as one of the first things a buyer looks at, the kitchens look is crucial.
  • Interior doorway – This is a way to separate different rooms and add a certain amount of style to the entrance of the room. It can separate the two rooms and add a contrast that separates the two rooms in a modern and stylish way.
  • Shelves – Shelves can be the perfect opportunity to add molding and not yet commit to a large area. Crown moldings can add flair to any fireplace. A tv stand can be spruced up with crown molding and add some much-needed sophistication to space.

Consider the Cost

Crown Molding is an enhancement of the space. It can communicate with any potential buyer that the home has been invested in and continued to be improved. The cost of it can be on average close to $1,200 dollars. However, it can add significant ROI to any home. Consider starting out with smaller parts for crown moldings. This could be shelves, along a tv shelf or even a headboard. These smaller projects may give you the motivation and reason to a more around your home.

Steps to Crown Molding

Getting professional molding done may be the answer to a clean and easy job. Starting out with the correct measurement is crucial. Starting out with test cuts may help to create the best possible cut. When installing you must hold it tight against the wall and nail in. Adding caulk to fill gaps and close the seams and crevices where is needed is important for a clean finished look. There are tips on how to cleanly install crown molding into any space.

Paint the Space

Painting the molding is another way to lead the eye to the wall and bring contrast. You can consider painting the molding the same color as the wall. This can make space look larger and reveal a clean look to any ceiling. Consider painting white on the molding when having a dark paint color on the wall. Painting crown molding can be an intricate and complicated process and after all that hard work leave it to the professional! Contact Nevada Painting Company today to request a quote and spice up your crown molding.

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