Top 6 Bathroom Paint Colors

Don’t overlook the difference painting your bathroom can make. According to the top interior designers in 2022, the color trends to paint the bathroom are light greens, warm neutral colors, and modern blues. As usual, taupe, and all-white are trending too. Finding the right color can transform a run-down, average-looking restroom into a clean, pristine sanctuary. Let’s learn more about what the best colors for a bathroom are.

If you are looking to open the space with paint picking the right color is an easy and inexpensive way to make it look bigger than it is.

Extra White (SW 7006) – Bright white paint is one of the most popular choices for a bathroom, as it opens the space and is warm enough to make a room feel welcoming. If you increase proper lighting, white is the perfect bathroom color for a light energy – not to mention how easy it is to pair with bathroom décor

Accessible Beige (SW 7036) – This beige color has hints of brown, creamy white, and grey, which combine to make a great neutral color.

Modern Lavender (SW 9688) – This lavender color is great for adding a splash of color to a small bathroom. With touches of equally warm and cool colors, this modern lavender brings a sense of calm to the bathroom.

Byte Blue (SW 6498) – This light and airy blue can turn any bathroom into a coastal oasis, with a spa-like energy. Add in the combination of natural light, and a newfound sense of energy will come into the room.

Georgian Bay (SW 6509) – This bold and energetic pop of blue is one way to spice up a bathroom, and this shade of blue would also pair well with light blue or beige décor.

Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) – This shade of grey is the perfect combination of beige, brown, and gray, and pairs well with white and other neutral types of décor. This shade of paint becomes brighter with an increased quality of light.

Other tips:

  • Increase quality of light. Keep windows open and let natural light in. If there are no windows in the restroom, add new light fixtures to increase the quality of light.
  • Paint every wall the same color. By painting the walls and the ceiling the same color, it eliminates a break in space and gives the illusion of taller walls which opens the room.
  • Choose the tone wisely. Stick to colors and décor in the room that match, to create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Less is More. For décor, limit how much you select to put in a small or medium bathroom. Too many decorations can cause a space to seem more cluttered.

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