You can walk into a home and often guess the last time it was remodeled just by the colors used in the décor. While some staples never completely go out of fashion – white walls will always be found in many homes – there are differences in shades that come and go. Here are the latest colors that are trending right now for styling your home.


You don’t need a big budget to update your home with the latest color trends. Painting is a cost-effective option for giving your interior or exterior a style facelift. Just changing the color of the walls in your living room or kitchen can make a significant impact; a new color for the exterior is a quick way to make an old home look new again.


Interior Color Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Color trends, like many aspects of life, tend to be impacted by what is going on in the world. Economics, world affairs and social factors can all  influence colors used in homes and other major investments. When life is rocky, colors trends sway toward conservative, neutral options – you may not want to invest in a bold color when you are not sure when you will be able to repaint again or if you may need to sell. However, when people feel more comfortable in their situation, colors tend to get brighter, bolder and a little riskier.


The color trends in home décor right now are showing the impact of the improved housing market. People are willing to break away from the safe, neutral colors and get daring in their color schemes. Some of the colors that are finding their ways into homes this year include:


  • Bright yellow. While Americans do not love gold the way Europeans do, yellow is definitely on the pallet for brightening up a kitchen, bathroom or office. Sunshine or buttery yellow are very popular as both main colors and accents.
  • Blue hues. From dusky or powder blue to navy with gold accents, blue is a big hit right now in color trends. Whether you opt for a periwinkle bathroom or a stunning dark navy living room with light trim, blue can make your home feel warm and comfortable. Another plus? According to Zillow, homes with blue bathrooms are selling for more this year.
  • The greens that are hot in 2017? Think tropics! Tropical greens are the newest trend as we pass the halfway mark on this year. If it is a green you will find in the jungle, you will also be seeing it on walls, couches and other décor in the most fashionable homes.


Of course, neutral colors will always have a place. Gray is the new beige when it comes to choosing a safe color. Still like beige? Try camel for a new take on the old favorite. However, one color that is taking a downturn is black. Think twice before deciding to go with this as a new color in your home.


Exterior Home Colors

Home exterior colors do not trend in and out as quickly as the interior, but there are changes in what is new and fashionable. While you can still expect a sea of neutral beige and gray homes when you drive by a new housing development, these colors are meant to appeal to the masses, not the individual taste of a homeowner. If you plan on living in your home for the next five years or more, maybe it is time to update your home to give it a more unique, stylish appearance.


  • The main color of the home tends to be the most neutral. However, you can still breakaway from the basic beige or gray with new or classic colors. White is a nice, classic change from the bland neutrals. Pastels are also becoming more popular, such as a cotton candy pink or powder blue.
  • Trim. Often trim is lighter than the home, but that does not need to be the rule of thumb. French gray combined with a white or light gray is stunning. White-on-white is another classic option that is making a comeback.
  • Where you can get bolder is with your accents. A rust red door or cinnamon accents can make your home pop and stand out in your neighborhood. Even black shades are becoming popular for both accents and trim.


Professional Painting for Your Home

Are you ready to shift from safe to spectacular in the colors used in your home? Give us a call at The Painting Company. Our expert painting specialists can help you find the perfect new colors for the interior walls or to give your home’s exterior a makeover. Be the first on your block to embrace the new color trends and show your style.

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