Whether you have a romantic style with wispy linens and bedside flowers, or you want a sleek and spacious look for your bedroom, color is important to create your sanctuary. There are no strict rules on what colors you can use but there are some better choices than others for a relaxing, restful space. Here are some of the best paint colors for your master bedroom to make sure it matches your style and comfort.

Colors and Comfort

In most rooms of your home, color is more about style than comfort. However, in your master bedroom, comfort should be a key component. Color can impact your mood and comfort levels, especially when you are trying to unwind from a taxing day. You want to slow your mind, not invigorate it. This is where color can play an important part in your comfort level when it is time to relax and let your mind and body rest.

Yellows, reds, and oranges are invigorating and full of energy. While you may want those colors when you wake up in the morning, they are not the colors that will help you drift off to a restful sleep. Blues, grays, whites and even greens are calming and soothing, creating a comforting atmosphere. While you can use any color you want in your master bedroom, you may want to consider colors that are known to help you relax and save those energizing colors for other rooms in your home.

Clouds of Gray and White

Soft and pillow-like, clouds are often associated with drifting off to sleep. The colors of white and gray are cozy and invite you to nestle in their softness, making them excellent choices for bedrooms. White can open up a room – it is perfect for the small bedroom to make it appear larger or for a master bedroom with limited natural light. You can choose an off-white that resembles those billowy clouds and brightens your room. White is relaxing at night and bright in the morning, giving both comfort and energy at the same time.

Gray is stunning in bedrooms and can add a warm and cozy feel to your room. You can choose a very light gray to make the room appear open and spacious, while still offering a soothing essence. For more color, choose a blue-gray that has the softness of gray combined with the blissfulness of blue. Gray is one of the best colors for bedrooms and comes in so many shades to match your personal style.

Blissful in Blue

Few colors are as calming and serene as blue. The color associated with air and water, the two basic elements of life, blue is known for its relaxing qualities. It only makes sense that blue will find its way into the room where you want to feel safe and calm. However, a brilliant blue can be more stimulating than you want when curling up for a nap. Consider soft misty blues – a popular trend in interior colors for 2019 – or even go darker with blue slate and white accents for master bedrooms with plenty of natural light. Blue is the ultimate, blissful bedroom color, always an excellent choice.

Dreaming of Fields of Green

Like blue, green has a calming effect on your body, making it feel safe and secure. A master bedroom with a pale aqua or leafy green can be bolder but beautiful. Not everyone wants a bedroom that is swaddled in whites or grays – green offers a chance to add color that is striking without stimulating. Consider some of the trending darker greens like hunter or forest if you want to immerse yourself in a comforting space – to avoid closing in your room too much, consider an accent wall or offsetting the darker green with white to lighten up the room.

Pastels and Pinks

The palest of pinks and pastels can be used in master bedrooms to create a romantic and sensual appeal. A dusty rose or slightly aqua white are barely-there colors that can change with the light. At night, they can seem a darker hue and in the morning light, they are barely noticeable. Even a tiny hint of pale yellow or coral can be used without becoming to invigorating for the bedroom.

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