It’s no secret that the temperature can get hot in the summer months, and living in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, your home is subjected to some warm days that can take a toll on the exterior paint. Sunshine and summer elements can cause paint to bubble and fade, and if you recently received a total home painting evaluation, you know it may be time to upgrade your paint – which the Nevada Painting Company can help with. If you have a big painting project coming up this summer, here is everything you need to know about painting your house.

Summer Weather

The hotter the temperature is, the more trouble paint will have binding to the surface properly, and the finished product can result in cracking and peeling. In areas with high humidity, it can take paint longer to dry and cure.

Additionally, other weather factors such as wind, rain, and sunshine should also be taken into account when factoring how well the paint cures.

While a little breeze can help paint dry quicker, too much wind can carry debris in that will stick to a fresh coat of paint, creating an odd appearance on the surface. Avoid painting on windy days if you can help it.

Rain is an issue as well, as obviously rain isn’t good for new paint. If there is a chance of rain in the forecast during your painting week, it’s best to reschedule the project altogether. After it rains, be extra sure that the paint has dried, as painting on a wet surface is a guaranteed poor paint job.

Lastly, the sun is a factor that can cause issues when painting your home in the summer. During the summer months, it’s normal to endure some additional sunshine. Unfortunately, this leads to fading, which is one of the most common issues for exterior paint. Sunlight contains powerful UV rays that react with paint pigments and cause them to become lighter in color.

This is why it’s important to take extra caution to protect a new paint job from direct sunlight as you’ll want to increase the longevity when new paint is applied.

Tips for Summer Painting

At Nevada Painting Company, our team of painters are experienced in successfully applying exterior even in the hottest of summer months. Here are a few of our best practices we recommend:

  1. Purchase the best quality of paint for your project.
  2. Prepare the surface of where you will paint. This could include cleaning, sanding, scraping, and anything else that helps create a clean surface to paint on.
  3. Purchase the best quality tools, like brushes and rollers to ensure a good-looking final paint job.
  4. When applying more than one coat, we recommend taking time in between painting. This allows extra time to account for drying and to note the air and surface temperatures, which both impact the process of of how each coat of paint adheres.
  5. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call our certified team of professionals at the Nevada Painting Company. A major factor in knowing the durability of your exterior paint is knowing the quality and color of the paint, and these are all things that we take into consideration when it comes to painting your exterior in the summer.

Nevada Painting Company is a team of professionally certified painters who have experience in the exterior paint process. Precise method combined with high-quality paints and specialized techniques ensure every exterior paint job meets our high standards and exceeds our customer’s satisfaction. You’ll have peace of mind trusting us for your next exterior painting project even in the Nevada summer heat. Call us to schedule your estimate today – we’re here to help!

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