Whether it is expressed through marketing content or a company logo, branding is what sets you apart from the competition. What you may not realize, however, is that color plays a large part in whether a brand becomes ingrained in the consciousness of the public.

If you want proof, look at some of the brands used by the most successful companies in the world. You will notice that many of them use the same colors. A combination of red and yellow in logos is especially effective at capturing the attention of consumers. It is no accident that these companies chose those colors, either.

Most major brands are the result of hiring marketing consultants who understand how to instantly capture the attention of customers. The aim is to perpetuate the brand so that it becomes a part of every aspect of the business. Successful colors then become an important marketing tool used on websites, in logos and marketing material, and as the palette for buildings that clients or customers are likely to visit.

Company Logo

If your company is not getting the attention it deserves, you may want to consider rethinking your company logo and colors. Bold logos that stand out – in a good way – are more likely to attract customers. The red and yellow color combination means action! There is no better call to action than a logo that encourages potential customers to pick up the phone or visit your business premises.

While your company logo is the face of your brand, you have to remember that it will feature prominently in your marketing, websites, and any physical buildings where you do business. You can’t use the same colors as a backdrop, otherwise, your customers or clients will become disorientated by the bombardment of color.

Marketing Background Colors

The background colors you use in your marketing and buildings are also important. If you are using bright, strong colors for your logo you will need a calming backdrop. In marketing on websites, soft grays or greens are ideal for emphasizing your logo without overwhelming visitors to the site. For email marketing, stick to a white background and allow your brand colors to stand out.

Oversaturation of color, whether it is in a logo or in marketing materials, is off-putting to potential customers. You want to create exciting marketing while avoiding explosions of color. Anything that takes away from your brand message may damage your company. Excessive use of bright colors is guaranteed to make people take their custom elsewhere.

Company Buildings

There are few companies that do not allow clients or customers access to their buildings. When you receive visitors it is important to ensure that they have a pleasant experience. Your brand depends on reaching those clients and customers who are ready to seal the deal. The colors that you choose for your business premises are more important than you know.

Who are your clients or customers, and what are they looking for from your brand? If your business is high paced, you will want to ensure that there are bright and vibrant colors that promote that idea. Red is generally regarded as the most powerful color, so you may want to paint the southern wall of your entryway red to let visitors know that you mean business.

Working Areas

You also have to remember that people make your company. Your logo colors may scream out to potential customers; however, that doesn’t mean the people who work for you will want to spend eight hours a day in an environment is completely overwhelming. It is important to make sure that you create a workspace for your team that encourages productivity.

Who promotes your brand? The people on the ground are responsible for ensuring your company brand becomes a household name. The intensity of a color dictates how it affects productivity. High saturation of colors is more likely to increase productivity than dull colors. You just need to make sure that your palette is not too intense.

Color Research

Keeping the same colors is not a guarantee of success. If your marketing involves color, it is always helpful to keep track of emerging research on which colors are more likely to improve productivity, keep your team happy, or appeal to customers and clients. All the large brands rely on constant research into what encourages customers to pick up the phone or visit a business.

You may have noticed that these companies often change the colors that represent their brand. Emerging trends can impact how the general public reacts to different colors. If you want your company to compete in a competitive market, it is up to you to make sure that you have your finger on the pulse of current trends.

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