You need to thoroughly think about your color choice before painting your entire home and end up hating it. Should you go basic, beige, dark, or bright? Here are some of the top exterior house colors in 2019 that will satisfy you and make the right first impression on guests or potential buyers.

Desert Beige

If you’re not looking to stand out but still want a fresh coat of paint, neutral colors like beige can be a great exterior house color that will match the earth’s natural tones. You can give your home some contrast by painting your siding and gutter white.

Spanish Moss

If you’ve heard of the influential designer, Joanna Gaines, then you know that she is known for choosing less common modern palettes and Spanish moss is one of them.

This paint color will make your home feel like a retreat. This color is a great choice if you want a natural aesthetic and earthy look to your home. The best colors to add contrast are light colors but not white. The best choice is to go for a muted color like beige or brown, and you can paint your doors and window sills red for a bolder look.

Stormy Gray

Gray paint colors have taken over the house color trends year over year. If you’re looking for a classy house look, try going for a gray home with white trim. If you want a rustic look, you can try using different shades of gray for your home and stain your front and garage door with wood colors.

Keep in mind that you’ll most likely have to test several gray colors. Gray has three different undertones – blue, purple, and green. Make sure to research these before finally choosing the color you like most.

Classic White

White will never go out of style but knowing how to utilize it correctly is important. White will bring a classic look to your home but remember to update it with a bold front door color and trim. This color works best with a colorful landscape and green lawns.

If used wrong, you could be looking at a dull home with no shape. Look at your surroundings and house architecture to make sure that color is suitable. If you need more help, take a picture of your home and contact us for color consulting.

Professional Exterior Painting

If you are interested in updating the exterior of your home, call our experts at The Painting Company. We stand behind every job we complete, and you can expect professionalism from our experienced crew from beginning to end. Call today to schedule an estimate.

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