It happens. Every homeowner has a stash of leftover paint stored away in the garage or basement. Those cans of paint are more than just a hiding place for spiders and snakes.

There are a number of fun ways to use leftover paint. Sometimes it takes a professional eye to help you see the hidden treasure you have in your home. We are not here to tell you what to do – our goal is to help spark your imagination.

We at The Painting Company in Arizona, and Nevada value our customers. If you have leftover paint, we can provide ideas on how to use it. Any advice you receive from us comes from professionals who have a vast amount of experience in using paint. We are committed to our customers and their home décor aspirations.

Get Artsy

You know all those dull wooden utensils, coasters, canisters and other kitchen items you use every day? You can use your leftover paint to paint wooden handles, coasters, and canisters to give your kitchen items a touch of chic. Colorful utensils make cooking more fun, which is probably why they sell so well in kitchenware stores.

Upcycling old furniture has become popular in the last few decades. Old cabinets can be reinvigorated with creative painting. When it comes to furniture, upcycling often involves a melding of traditional and contemporary, creating a hybrid piece of furniture that is both attractive and unique in appearance. Many gifted upcyclers make a living from their creative works.

Custom Designs with Stamps and Stencils

There are a few simple ways that you can make your paintwork unique using custom designs. Sturdy sponges are ideal for creating your own stamps, allowing you to put your mark on your paintwork. All you have to do is shape the sponge into a unique stamp and dab paints on your walls for a design that reflects who you are.

Another excellent way of adding unique designs to your walls with paint is to use stencils. You can cut out your own stencils or purchase them in a craft store. If you are going to attempt to paint with stencils, make sure that you use materials that will prevent paint from soaking through. It is also a good idea to search online for inspiration or tutorials on painting with stencils.

Embellished Paintwork

Much like with upcycling, you can completely change the appearance of your furniture and paintwork with embellished color. Use leftover paint to create contrasting colors on furniture to make striking and bold statements in each room of your home. Centerpieces, such as bookcases, cabinets or a mantelpiece are ideal candidates for embellished paintwork.

You can also use stencils to create embellished patterns on paintwork to create a unique piece of furniture or fittings. This option is also much cheaper than paying for embellishments such as moldings for your furniture and fixtures. If you use homemade stencils or paint your embellishments freehand, the entire project won’t cost you any more than the leftover paint you would have otherwise thrown away.

Creative Framing

You can break up walls by using leftover paint on your picture and mirror frames. If you have colors that contrast with the paintwork on your walls, use them to repaint your frames and create bursts of color in a room. This use of leftover paint can significantly change the appearance of a room, giving the impression that you have redecorated.

If you are not planning on redecorating a room in the foreseeable future, you can even create your frames directly on existing paintwork. By doing so, you can save yourself the cost of purchasing frames for artwork. The best part of all these fun ways to use leftover paint is that it won’t cost you a thing.

Find your Inner Artist

You can use leftover paint for other artistic purposes, such as painting on canvas using an artist’s palette. If the paint is thick, you may need to thin it down a bit but otherwise, you are good to go. It should be noted that house paint is not designed for canvas work, so don’t expect your creative pieces to endure forever. Painting for pleasure is therapeutic, which makes using leftover paint in this way worth considering.

At The Painting Company, our experts can provide even more ideas for getting rid of your leftover paint. Contact our team today if you have leftover paint or are considering taking on a homeowner makeover project and would like advice or assistance.

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