If you’re like most proud homeowners, you have a color scheme for just about every room in your home. Now, bring that talent to the outdoors and brighten your backyard. The right color scheme can make a bold statement, or it can evoke a feeling of tranquility. Perhaps you want more of a party atmosphere. Anything is possible with creative imagination.

It’s Easier than You May Think

Introducing a color scheme does not need to entail a backyard makeover unless that’s what you choose to do. You can create a new and inviting space by adding a few well-placed pieces in the right colors here and there. Patio furniture, plants, accessories all have a place in your new backyard color scheme. And with the outdoors as your backdrop, you can always change things around to create a different mood whenever you choose.

Furniture Options

Patio furniture comes in such a variety of styles and colors you may have a tough time deciding what you want. That’s part of what makes it fun. You can choose furniture that’s made for outdoor living and looks more like a living room set, complete with ottomans. If that’s a bit much, you can go with more traditional patio furniture. Still comfortable and good-looking, the traditional fare is just as easy to work with.

Experiment with the eclectic look by using old furniture and sprucing it up with color. Paint an old table and chairs the same color or contrasting colors. An attractive, printed tablecloth will bring it all together and keep it from looking too plain.

To keep all your decorating options open, choose furniture that’s neutral in color. Neutrals tend to show less dirt and they can always be spiced up with color. Your choices for color are virtually unlimited. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Room

When you get going on the color scheme for your backyard, it becomes an outdoor room and anything is possible. Elements to perfect your outdoor room in addition to furniture include plants, pottery, and accent pieces to add interest. You may want to add a patio umbrella for shade. All these items will play a part in your color scheme. If your deck or patio is right off the house, you can let the color of the house be the starting point for your color scheme or you can let the outdoors be your backdrop.

Go Green

It’s not just about saving the environment. Imagine a color scheme with nature’s colors. You can bring in the hues of the plants in the yard and make them part of your outdoor room. Using greens, browns even splashes of bright colors to match the blossoms can make your backyard look exotic.

Fiesta Time

Looking to party in the yard? Think fiesta with bright colors. Add shaped patio lights such as red and green chili peppers or Chinese lanterns or pink flamingoes. Splashes of color abound in a yard with lots of brightly colored flowers and don’t worry if you don’t have any flowers; the colors you use for this festive display will do nicely.

Cool Blue

Blue is known as the peaceful, calming color. Using cool whites and shades of blue, you can turn your backyard into a Cape Cod paradise. A nautical theme with colors to match will make you feel like sailing the seven seas. If you’re more of a land lover but also like the idea of a blue theme, add in some green to give the area a feeling of land and sea.

Tangerine Dream

Oranges, yellows and a splash of lime green give your outdoor space a citrusy feel. If you have deep brown wood, the bright colors will set it off perfectly. Use accent tables in the same color family. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose one or two to add even more interest. Don’t forget to accessorize with plants, candles or lanterns.

Simple Elegance

If you are a person who prefers understated elegance, you may prefer the subtle tones of neutral colors. Shades of grey or beige may be more to your liking. These colors will give you that sense of class without the major upkeep that white and off-white would require. With these colors, you also could dress them up or down as the occasion calls for. Brightly colored pillows can be added for excitement, or you can keep it low key with subtly contrasting colors.

Getting to the Bottom of It

Don’t forget the floor when you are pulling together your color scheme. Whether you’re pulling the look together for a deck or a patio, you can add a little spark of color with a well-placed outdoor rug or two. Area rugs work great for accenting your theme and putting the finishing touch on your color scheme.

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