All the top paint brands offer up their color choices, but ultimately it is designers and the public who determine what colors will be used for interior surfaces. For 2019, there is a shift from the bolder colors of 2018 to softer, subtler options to bathe the walls of American homes. Here are some new takes on old colors that can give you inspiration for your next interior painting project.

Orange – Coral and Clay

Take orange to its softish level and those are the colors you will see for this year’s palettes. Coral is a blend of pink tones and light orange that is upbeat and cheerful. Clay is closer to a gray but with a slight hue of brownish-orange to make it feel warm and cozy.

Yellows – Mustard or Lemon

Yellow will always have a place on the latest trends due to its energy and brilliance. Mustard is replacing the gold tones of the previous years as a statement color, but it may be too brash for some people’s tastes. A lemon yellow is a wonderful option for accent walls to brighten up a living space.

Pinks – Delicate Pastels and Dessert Shades

Soft pinks – barely there as a hint of sweetness – are popular for interiors. Imagine them paired with coral or your lemon yellow to create a soothing, happy atmosphere in a sunroom or office. You will see the lightest of pastel pinks in many homes this year.

Grays – Pewter and Mushroom

Probably one of the most popular options this year for interiors is a selection of grays. Pewter is fabulous for creating a stunning room and can be paired with light or dark accents, making it versatile for assorted styles. Mushroom is the earthy option for gray, bringing the natural browns and gray of the forests into living rooms to blend with natural stone fireplaces and in kitchens with granite counters. Softer, colorful grays mixed with lilac or blue are also available and trending this year. If you are not sure what color to choose for a room, there is likely a gray option that will suit your taste.

Greens – Hunter and Forest

Deep, complex greens are the popular options this year for those who want darker tones. Both hunter and forest green are rich in color and natural hues, pairing well with woodwork, browns and other earth tones. Since these are robust colors that can be overpowering, they are suited for accent walls or well-lit rooms that can sustain such dark and demanding hues.

Blues – Misty and Moody

Blues this year are either misty, barely kissing the walls with a tint of blue, or moody and loud, with deep navy or turquoise. It all depends on the room and style of the homeowner – a misty blue can soften and subdue while the moody blues can add intensity and charisma to a room. Misty can be used almost anywhere but those deep moody blues will need plenty of light and may be best for accents.

Browns – Terracotta and Rust

There has been a definite shift to woodland and outdoor colors for the interior of homes. Browns always will be nearby when earth tones are abundant. Terracotta and rust tones will bring the richer hues of brown to accent walls including a fireplace or as a two-toned option with mushroom or other earthy grays. Expect to see deep browns and less mocha or tan, bringing a richness to interiors.

White – Cream and Eggshell

Bright whites have been popular for years, but you will see a return to the eggshell, barely cream and almost-white paints. These still brighten and lighten dark rooms but with a softer touch than glaring white. A hint of color in white, a slight blush, cream or gray, is trending for this staple interior paint.

Purples and Reds – Violet and Berry

Keeping with the outdoor themes, deep colors likes purples and reds are represented with how they are found in nature. A cheery violet or a bold berry red are options for a fresh look with plenty of attitude for a twist on the royal colors.

Quite simply, the colors you will see taking over interiors for 2019 will be earthy and thoughtful. While there is always room to add splashes of bolder colors, you will see more misty blues and playful pinks then electric options when choosing a new color for your interior.

If you want to update your living space with one of the top interior color trends for 2019, contact us at The Painting Company. We can help you choose the perfect new color to improve the beauty of your home and provide our professional painting services to give your home a trendsetting look. Call us today to get a free quote on your next interior painting project.

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