There is nothing more inviting than fresh paintwork when you are likely to receive guests. That is why The Painting Company in Arizona, and Nevada is a champion of bringing back the tradition of holiday painting.

Interior painting is one of those projects that may seem like too much of a chore. However, you can paint your entire home over one or two days, so long as you approach the project in the same way that a professional would. Interior painting is also one of the least costly remodeling projects you will ever take on.

Stress-Free Holidays

When you are planning on having visitors over the holidays, one of the major causes of holiday stress is whether your home is in good shape to receive those visitors. Any other time of the year you are not likely to scrutinize your home to such an extent, which is why panic typically sets in around the holidays when homeowners realize that their paintwork is less than perfect.

Blemishes in paintwork are instantly stress-inducing for homeowners who want to host the perfect holiday home. Paintwork accounts for the largest surface areas in your home, so touchups or repainting will have a significant impact on your décor. Other areas of consideration are door handles and cabinets, which suffer from considerable smudging from constant use.

Brightening up Common Rooms

Regardless of whether you intend on having visitors stay overnight during the holidays, you will at least want your common rooms looking their best. The holiday period is a chance to catch up with old friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, so repainting your common rooms will provide a bright and vibrant atmosphere in your home.

Rooms such as the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and even outdoor living spaces should be your first areas of focus. Consider how much time you and your guests are likely to spend in each room and plan your painting accordingly. For instance, you may want to pay particular attention to larger living spaces as those rooms are where most people will gather when you are receiving guests over the holidays.

Repaint for the Season

Seasonal painting is popular in interior décor for a reason. Nothing makes homeowners embrace the holiday season more than an appropriate color scheme. Your home will feel more welcoming if you repaint for the season. Bright vibrant colors that match your planned holiday decorations mean you can create the ambiance you want for your guests.

The compliments you will receive from your holiday visitors will more than makeup for the work you put into your repainting project. When painting for the season, you also have the option of making small changes, such as embellishing centerpieces, like your cabinets or mantelpieces, to create contrasting colors that reflect the holiday season. Once the holidays are over, it is easier to repaint these features to a more neutral color scheme.

Choosing Your Color Scheme

The simplest way to think about painting for the holidays is to consider what each holiday represents, or the season in which the holiday falls. For instance, Thanksgiving screams out for natural colors that reflect the comfort of fall. When decorating for Christmas, warm bright colors contrasted against sheer white are perfect for setting the mood – especially if you are lucky enough to own a fireplace. You can also personalize your color scheme to reflect who you are.

When your visitors walk into your home and recognize your unique style and taste, they will immediately feel welcome and at home. The holidays are about making memories, so choose a color scheme that will ensure your visitors are comfortable and able to relax in your company. Personalized décor is also a great conversation starter as your guests will likely comment on your sense of style.

Plan for Wear and Tear

There is no avoiding the fact that your paintwork is going to have to endure more grubby fingers than ever before when the holidays come around. If you are planning on painting before the holidays, consider using paint that will make surfaces easy to clean. Paint comes in a variety of finishes, from flat to high-gloss, with gloss typically being easier to clean. If you don’t want to deal with repainting after the holidays, consider the finish options available and decide whether you want to use latex paint, which is easier to handle in terms of clean-up, or oil-based paint, which is more durable.

If you need further information on paint that will endure the holiday season, reach out to The Painting Company. We are experts in interior décor for the whole year-round. Contact our friendly team of professionals to find out how we can help you with your painting projects this holiday season.

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