Whether you own a small restaurant or a suite of offices in a business park, repaint the interior of to reflect your brand. Beyond light fixtures and furniture, the background walls tell a story—even if it is not the message you want to send.

When was the last time you painted the walls in your office, retail shop or restaurant? Was it when you first leased your space or bought the building? Or, do the walls still have the paint that was there when you arrived? If it has been years since you painted, or if you have never painted your commercial space, there are some important reasons to put repainting on your priority list.

First Impressions Matter

Anyone who walks into your business for the first time will make an assumption based on what they see—it is human nature. Customers, vendors, employees, and affiliates all are impacted by the appearance of your brick and mortar space. While it may have little to do with what you sell or offer, it impacts your brand. That first impression can be hurting your business if it is not one that paints your business in a positive light.

Does your business come across as modern, stylish and well-established? If you have peeling paint in the restroom stalls or dull colors throughout your business, you might be sending a negative message about your company. It is easy to look past these little details when you see it every day, but imagine if you were walking into your business for the first time. You want clients and prospective employees to see a thriving business, not one that does not have the money or time to invest back into the company.

Faded or worn paint looks shabby and speaks to your attention to detail. Stark white walls or outdated colors speak to your creativity and innovation as a company. Your business space should be a showcase of your business, not detract from your value due to a bland or poorly maintained background. When it looks like you care about your business, it can greatly improve how others perceive what you do.

Colors Make a Difference

White, gray or neutral-colored walls are fine, but they are also boring. Commercial property management and real estate companies use these basic colors on walls to leave spaces as a blank slate for their new tenants or owners. Color adds personality, something every business should want to convey.

Every color has an impact on mood. Red is ambitious and urgent; blue is calm and trusting. Using color gives you a chance to impact the mood of those that enter your business. If it is an office space, you want to think about how the work environment you provide affects your employees—do the colors spur productivity, positivity, and creativity? For customers, do your interior beckon them to do business with your company?

Adding colors to your interior space that represents the brand message you want to convey can make a difference. This simple change can make a workplace more inviting and comfortable for your employees. You can use color to put clients at ease or brighten their day. Your business space can represent your brand in a way that it never did before with white or neutral walls.

Change Your Direction

Even if you painted in glorious colors when you first moved into your space, are those colors still the vibe you want to send? Most businesses change and evolve over time, and the message of their brand may be different. As your business grows, you need to customize how you portray your brand to match the new goals for your company.

An interior color makeover may be just what you need to visibly move in a new direction with your business. You can tell employees, affiliates, and clients your new ideas and direction, but if everything still looks the same, your brand will be stuck in the past. Make a statement about where your company is headed by revamping what people see—use the background walls of your business to paint a picture of where your company is headed, and you can begin to change the image of your brand.

Commercial Interior Painting Experts

At The Painting Company, we have helped many businesses in Arizona and Nevada improve their interior space with new paint. Let our trained and experienced paint experts help you revitalize your interior space with new colors or just a refreshed look to your walls. We offer color consultations to give you ideas for a new look and can help you find the best background style for your office or shop. Contact our team to schedule a customized quote for your interior commercial painting project today.

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