Painting can be a quick and cost-effective option to update the most popular room in your home. Whether you just bought your home and want to personalize the kitchen to match your style, or it is just time to update your color scheme to the latest trends, new paint can customize your kitchen. We have some innovative painting ideas and inspirational style suggestions to help you create a beautiful atmosphere to nourish your cooking creativity.


Color Inspirations for Kitchen Walls

When it comes to painting your kitchen walls, there are many factors to consider. While stark white has been the go-to color for many years, it is certainly not the only choice. Most people prefer a lighter atmosphere in the kitchen, but the color you choose for your walls should create a backdrop for your other features. Here are some elements to consider when choosing kitchen wall colors:


  • Wood cabinets. If you have wood cabinets, the tone of the wood can impact what colors will look best on your walls. Dark woods tend to overpower the kitchen; lighter background walls work well with dark cherry or espresso-stained oak. Lighter woods like hickory and natural oak can withstand brighter colors like pastel blues or greens.
  • White or lightly painted cabinets. Light or white painted cabinets give you more options in your wall colors. You can go for white-on-white, or delve into a more dramatic color scheme with darker, brighter colors like maroon or even violet. This works well when there is little wall surface showing, by adding a bright splash of color behind your light cabinetry.
  • The flooring is another element to consider when choosing your wall colors. Dark flooring is usually best paired with lighter walls. However, lighter floors give you more options. Golden-hued wood floors pair well with bright yellows; orange highlights in wood can look wonderful with terracotta. Neutral gray or white tiles can go with many different wall colors.


Painting Ideas for Cabinets

In most kitchens, cabinets are the most prominent feature and take up the most space. While wood finish is popular for kitchen cabinets, contemporary or classic country styles work well with painted cabinetry.  Old cabinets can look new again with a fresh coat of paint. Once again, white is always a popular color in kitchens, including the cabinets. But, there are many other color schemes you can use for cabinets to give your kitchen a more trendy and stylish appearance. Here are a few color ideas for painting your kitchen cabinets.


  • Neutral, but intriguing. If you have bright walls or dark flooring, light, neutral coloring for your cabinets is usually the best choice. However, you don’t need to go white or off-white. You can use the other colors in your kitchen to help you choose an intriguing color like greige, a combination of gray and beige.
  • Bright and airy. When you have neutral flooring or walls, cabinets can be a great way to introduce a bright color. Popular options in bright kitchen colors include butter yellow, mint green, sky blue and aqua.
  • Dramatic and modern. Not everyone’s style is light and bright. Modern, contemporary kitchens can be dramatic in color. Black painted cabinets pair well with stainless appliances and a light green or gray wall color. Bold tastes can use a maroon or emerald green, but these work best in larger kitchens or an open floor plan.


Adding Colorful Focal Points

Even if you love your cabinets and current wall color, you can still update your kitchen with painted focal points. A sprinkle of color can change the entire look of your kitchen and give it a more stylish appearance. Here are some options for painting focal points in your kitchen to add a quick color splash.


  • Kitchen island. A light kitchen can be spruced up with a bright-colored island. A ruby red island in a sea of white can add some pizazz. Consider matching your island to a small color element in your backsplash or counter tile to tie the room together.
  • Trim on doors and windows is another way to add focal point color. Offset light or dark walls with an opposing color to draw the eye.
  • The backsplash is another area that can be painted a different color to give your kitchen a modern style. Bright or light, it can enhance your counters and cabinets when the right color is added.


Add Kitchen Colors with a Professional Touch

If your Vegas home has a kitchen that needs a makeover, consider a professional paint enhancement to give it a new look. The Painting Company is your source for all your painting needs – no project is too big or too small for our team. Give us a call to get your quote to implement your new color scheme in your kitchen.


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