If you don’t budget for painting improvements, the curb appeal of your home will eventually suffer. The question of when to paint your exterior depends on where your home is located, the type of paint that you use, and the level of maintenance you perform on your property.

You also have to consider the materials that were used in the construction of your home. You may need to create different maintenance schedules if there are different building materials such as wood siding, aluminum or brickwork. The lifespan of paintwork is dependent on these materials, so it is useful to have a rough guide as to how long paint will last on each of them.

Wooden Structures

The length of time paint lasts on wooden structures is variable. Your paintwork may last for as long as seven years without any significant defects. However, you may have to paint wood after three years depending on a number of factors. The quality of the wood and paint will largely determine how well paint weathers the elements in Las Vegas.

If exterior woodwork is directly facing the sun when it’s at its strongest, you will likely need to repaint that side of the structure more often. Your biggest concern is wear and tear from the weather. If you live on an end property that does not have shade from the sun, you should also anticipate a shorter maintenance schedule.


The main concern with metalwork is the threat of rust setting in if you do not use the right type of paint. Typically, aluminum and metal surfaces only need painting every five years. Always use high-quality paint to protect your metal surfaces from extreme weather conditions. The alternative is replacing your metal structures at a high cost.

You can use a primer undercoat to help protect your metalwork before you paint the surface. This will give the surface an extra layer of defense against erosion. Your home will look much better when you take care of your metalwork structures and it will ensure that the property doesn’t lose curb appeal if you ever decide to sell.

Cement & Brick

Cement and brickwork paint typically lasts the longest, so long as you use quality paint. Cement fiberboard paintwork can last up to 15 years. Brickwork has an even longer lifespan, enduring the weather for as long as 20 years in many cases. It is important to paint your brickwork when the sun is low, using a quality paint.

The quality of your cement and brick paintwork can affect your mood. In the winter months, it helps to have a fresh-looking exterior to elevate your emotional wellbeing and make guests feel relaxed and at home. Brickwork also makes up the vast majority of your exterior surfaces, so any painting project is a big job. Once the paint begins to fade and crack, you should put some money aside in your budget in preparation for a large painting project.

Location Matters

We have already touched on the fact that the location of your home matters. The longevity of any paint job in Las Vegas is dependent on where the home is and how the property is orientated. Las Vegas is seated in the Mojave Desert, which exposes any home to harsh weather conditions. As a homeowner, you need to keep a close eye on the weather forecast to get an idea of how much your paintwork is affected by adverse weather conditions. If you haven’t lived in your home long, you can also ask neighbors about their experiences with paintwork maintenance.

You Get What You Pay For

Considering the likely conditions your paintwork will have to endure, quality is important. Do not skimp on the cost of paint hoping to make a saving. Using poor-quality, cheap paint will significantly reduce the length of time your paint lasts, so you will end up having to pay for extra maintenance. Purchasing high-quality paint will extend the length of time before you need to repaint.

Always choose a paint that is highly resistant to the elements for your exterior projects. Opting for quality over price is a great investment and can help protect brickwork, metalwork, and wood from the effects of the sun. Maintenance is also an important aspect of ensuring that your paintwork lasts. Keep surfaces clean to prevent pollutants from damaging the paint and underlying surfaces.

If you want your paintwork to last, contact The Painting Company. We have a team of experts at your disposal to provide advice and services that will help you maintain your paintwork. Call today for a consultation with a professional who has the experience you need to keep your home in top shape.

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