At Nevada a painting company we value your time and money. Rest assured we will deliver a service that is professional, clean, and lasts for years to come. As a company, we have perfected our painting process and go step by step to ensure that each project gets the care and attention it deserves.

Residential Internal Process

This process includes many steps, each step as important as the last. We start with moving furniture. You can save a little bit of cash to move this yourself, but we can always do it! We move on to repairing the drywall. This is the part to fix and fill in the holes and the details that may be missed.

The importance of prepping a wall cannot be overexaggerated. Dirt and grime can lead to the paint not sticking on the wall surface thus leading to bubbles and peeling. Also, it can lead to your paint job not lasting as long.

Next, we check for any cracks in the windows or doors in need of caulking. This is also the time to move on to scraping and sanding. This will ensure that the surface is clean and smooth before beginning to paint.

Now we began painting. Our process includes using 12” to 18” rollers to get the job done, finishing with cutting in those hard to reach edges, and using our expertise and experience leaving you with a clean and well-done job.

The inspection comes next. Every project we have is walked by the foreman of the crew to ensure it was done with the utmost precision. Only after the project is approved do we give you a tour of the new paint job.

External Residential Painting

This process goes a little differently. This process includes starting with a power wash. Powerwashing can be a great tool to completely rid the area of dirt and debris.

Next, we clean the dirt and grime from the edges and crevices of windows and doors to ensure an even coat. We move on to masking to protect the surfaces not being painted.

We use a special coat called dry lock to waterproof the foundation, preventing peeling.

We move on to the repairs this is repairing nay drywall that may be damaged, as well as caulking these surfaces.

Painting horizontally and vertically we paint the walls, applying two coats on the trim. We spray garage and entry doors for the cleanest finish. We save the metal surfaces for last for higher-end painting techniques.

Finally, we clean every piece of mess, from caulking to leftover tape. Inspected by a foreman to finish we are sure to run through each step methodically, never missing a beat.

Our Promise

Not only is our process detail-oriented and followed with every step but is also our promise to deliver the best possible results. We have three warranties to choose from that span from bronze silver to gold. All of these options are guaranteed to be wonderful options for your new investment. We send out a crew to fi any issue that may arise from degrading paint.

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