New paint jobs can be a great way to bring a breath of fresh air into any home or business. Colors can be bold and bright or demur and compliment the accents of the room within. There is, however, according to color specialists, some colors that you should avoid. These colors are usually based upon the specific rooms.


Red can be a bold and fun color for an accent wall. It can add interest, however it can also be a fairly intense reaction. The bedroom is no place for a bright red color according to color psychology. The color red can be associated with anger and even violence and does not evoke a feeling of calm and safety like a bedroom should.


White walls can be a sleek and clean look in every space. However, it is also important to consider how white walls may become dirty easily. This is why it may be best to stay away from a lot of white paint in the bathroom. Due to soap stains among other stains that may occur in a bathroom, it may be best to stay away from white and instead light blues, light greens, or even soft grays can be perfect choices.


Yellow can be great for small accents like furniture or even vases. However, according to Property Brothers, they recommend but using red or yellow on the interior walls of homes. This can be especially bad in a bedroom since, much like red, yellow is so bright and intense that it may not let you relax and be to be overpowering.


Green is another one of the trickier colors to get correct. Green can be bright and fairly overpowering, looking somewhat tacky. Or even reminding people of the feeling of being sick. Believe it or not psychology of color Higley affects house paint colors.


Although this can be feminine and soft, almost soothing. Pink can also be overpowering and of to muddy or dark it can feel dirty.


Browns, if used correctly, can be wonderful paint colors. However, a few different hues can look dark and dirty. Especially in rooms like bathrooms or the living room. These rooms can look dark and dirty, making the room look smaller. Colors like light gray, green, blue or even beige can be a great way to add color and still keep your home’s value up.

Boost Your Home Value

It’s not only important to avoid certain paint colors in order to feel good and at home. It’s also essential to attracting a new buyer. Buyers don’t like bold colors that they think will be difficult to paint over. Instead, get a new fresh coat of paint that is sure to impress with neutral colors and avoiding certain colors. At Nevada Painting Company we have a color consultation service and we will make sure your new paint job is the perfect color for you.

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