These defects do not look like touch-ups to a buyer; they represent a significant cost to improve the paintwork in and around the property. If your exterior paint is shabby, what other secrets are you hiding? The bottom line is, buyers are making an investment and they want a return.

Value Perception

The value of your home is based on a number of factors, including how well your paintwork holds up to scrutiny. You may allow for minor defects, but buyers are not typically prepared to settle for a property they perceive as needing a lot of work. Damaged paintwork is one of the most noticeable flaws in any home.

When you are preparing your home for sale, you will want to get rid of any junk and make it look appealing to prospective buyers. Sometimes it is not enough to simply clean paintwork. You will need to touch-up paint throughout your property to ensure that interested buyers arrive to see a home, rather than a house.

Street View

Real estate agents are extremely invested in curb appeal – and for good reason! Potential buyers will not even cross your door if the exterior of your home does not look attractive. If you cannot afford to repaint your exterior walls, at least touch up any imperfections such as flaking paint.

Consider repainting your door if you have it within your budget. A fresh-looking door is very inviting to those who are in the market for a new home. You know all those fixtures around your entryway that have been long forgotten? Either get rid of them or give them a new coat of paint. There is nothing less appealing than horrible light fixtures that look dated and don’t have new bulbs.


If the buyer gets past the street view, they will expect a warm welcome once inside your home. Consider painting your entryways, such as halls, in warm colors. You want potential buyers to feel warm and welcome when they step over the threshold of your home.

If you want to go light, use rich cream colors or yellows. For darker colors, you cannot go wrong with aqua green or teal. These colors are welcoming so long as the hallway is well lighted. Dark colors tend to absorb light so make sure you replace the bulbs in your hallways before you show your home.

Focus Rooms

Certain rooms in the home receive particular focus, including the kitchen and the bathroom. These rooms deserve your attention when it comes to touching up or repainting. If you have recently renovated your kitchen or bathroom, you should touch up your paint. Your potential buyers will spend more time in these rooms, examining every darkened corner.

Keep in contact with your realtor or agent. You can find out why certain potential buyers didn’t close the deal. If it’s because your kitchen is too small, you can paint it in lighter colors to make the space look larger. If the majority of your buyers have expressed interest in a cozier property, dark colors make rooms appear smaller.

Forgotten Treasures

You have to understand that when people are looking for houses to buy, they will check every little detail. That includes the often-forgotten window sills and trims. These areas usually need nothing more than a touchup when it comes to painting, but it may be enough to sway a potential buyer. Look for the places that a discerning person would scrutinize and you can narrow your pool of potential buyers down to those who are actually serious about signing on the dotted line.

Look out into your gardens. Is there anything there that looks like it could do with a coat of paint? If you have garden furniture that you would rather not paint, either rate it as a potential barrier to selling your home or store it away. What you like is not what others may like, so make sure your home is prepared for prospective buyers at all times.

General Touchups

Of course, general touchups are always encouraged when selling a home. Get someone to walk around your home as though they are a potential buyer looking for defects. A relative stranger to your home will find defects quicker than you will. Take note of all defects and correct them using paint to hide any blemishes.

If you are in need of professional help selling your home, reach out to the experts at The Painting Company. We are here to provide assistance with sprucing up your home with paint touchups when you need your home sale to go smoothly.


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