Some decisions are easy. Most sellers will need to catch up on overdue home repairs. Problems the owner has lived with, sometimes for years, finally will get fixed when they are about to move.

Another thing people know to do is to declutter their home. It makes sense to avoid distracting a potential buyer with many personal items hiding the home’s best features. When you go through this much effort to prepare your home, why should you go to the additional trouble and expense of painting? Many decide not to paint if they like their current color and if the walls are mostly clean and look “nice enough.”


There are many reasons to consider painting your home before selling it:

  • Adds value
  • Better listing
  • Price comparisons
  • Curb appeal
  • Natural light
  • Appears well-maintained
  • Clean, move-in ready home
  • Ready to personalize
  • Saves the seller time


Painting Adds Value

While having your home painted will obviously require an investment in paint and probably labor, does the potential value added to the purchasing price offset the expense? Most realtors agree that it does.

Large-scale home repairs and projects can be very costly. Finishing remodeling projects and adding room additions may add little or nothing to the purchase price of your home, while usually requiring a large investment. Painting, however, is much more affordable while adding great value and salability to your home. Many sellers find that a great paint job before selling pays for itself with much more cash to spare.


Better Listing

In this digital age, the internet has become the online gatekeeper for buyers. If your realtor’s photos of your home don’t look good, you may not get much interest in your home. Fresh paint photographs better, giving your home an edge in an online appeal.


The Power of Curb Appeal

Once you get the buyer’s interest with your online presence, the curb appeal needs to draw them inside. Notice the general feel of the surrounding neighborhood. Does your home’s color flow with the area? Does the color look faded or dirty? You want to send the message that your home is fresh and up to date. Painting addresses all of that.


Price Comparisons to Other Homes

The first thing most realtors do for their buying clients is to print out an area price comparison of possible homes to choose from. Since paint doesn’t add as much expense to the sale-prep for your home, you can keep the asking price lower. Once they view the homes they are interested in, you want your home to stand out among similarly priced homes that may not appear fresh or clean.


Natural Light

A common desire for home buyers is to have a bright space with light from natural sources. Your custom paint colors that served your décor may not show the great natural light that home buyers crave. Repainting those rooms to a more neutral, light-reflecting color could better show off the home’s natural light.

Appears Well-Maintained

Buyers are concerned about the hidden or unseen aspects of a home that could cause them expense or trouble in the future. One way they instinctively judge the health of a structure is to observe the maintenance level of the visible areas. A home that seems faded, chipped or dirty is a red flag that more critical hidden issues might be present. Even a home with great bones, in no disrepair, and well maintained can be misjudged if the paint is less than perfect.

Clean, Move-In Ready Home

Seeing your own home day in and day out may make you blind to little details that potential buyers might zero in on. Scuffs, tiny dings, and dirt on painted surfaces are often hard to notice and easily overlooked. Washing the wall isn’t always effective or efficient. It often takes the same or more time to scrub scuffs than to just paint. Dirt is often ingrained into the old paint and can only be covered. Painting gives a fresh, clean start to surfaces. Additionally, odors in your home that you as the owner have become nose blind to can be eliminated with fresh paint. The impression of a clean home gives the buyer a sense of personal security and safety. If you use a neutral color that the buyer can live with, being clean and ready to move into is a huge selling advantage to your home.

Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Sorting through your clutter and making all the connections for the move are usually tasks that must be done by you, the seller. Painting your home is one job you can trust to professionals who can get it done properly and in less time. This takes that job off your hands, saving you time and inconvenience at an affordable price. To be sure of the best job at the best price, The Painting Company is your go-to source if you are based in Arizona or Nevada. Call or go online to make an appointment.

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