There are a variety of colors you could go with to make your kitchen shine. You can even add more interest by using some of the popular painting techniques to create a faux finish or add a sense of texture. Be creative, but also choose a color that you will be able to enjoy in the long run.

Determining the Right Color for Your Kitchen Island

The color you choose for your kitchen island should go with the colors on your walls. It can be a complementary color, or it could be a contrasting color. You want the room to maintain a harmonious look even if you decide to go with something bright and bold.

If you have trim colors or accent colors in your kitchen, you could consider picking up that color in the island. If not, then you can choose a color that would work as an accent to the walls. Neutrals work well if you do not want to make too bold a statement. Cream, beige, subtle pastels or greige work well to keep the room subtly elegant while refreshing the look of your kitchen.

Color psychology may play a part in what color you choose to paint your island too. Cooler colors such as greens and blues can add a peaceful calming effect to your kitchen. Be aware that blues may dampen appetites whereas the warmer colors like yellow or orange could entice people to eat more.

Make a Statement with Bold Colors

Neutral colors may seem rather boring after a few years. If your kitchen has been in a state of neutrality for a long while it may be time to change the tune and go with a bolder or brighter color to shake things up a bit. Warm, bright colors like yellow or orange can bring a bold cheery feeling to the room.

The shade you choose will change the feel of the room as well. Pale colors will give the room more of a light, airy feeling. Darker, bolder colors will have a more grounding and dramatic effect. Choose your colors wisely because you want the look to last, so it needs to be a look you can live with.

Faux Finishes

You are not limited to painting your island a single plain color. There are many painting techniques available which can make your island look even more interesting. These techniques will add some time to the project; however, the final project will be worth the effort when you see how uniquely beautiful you freshly painted island looks.

With some creativity, your island can truly have a one-of-a-kind look. For an old-world look, color washing gives the surface a weathered appearance. The rag rolling technique gives your island the semblance of old leather or weathered stucco. Both techniques are very easy.

Advanced painting techniques include such things as marbleizing. This technique can be time-intensive but when you consider your finished island will look like it is made from marble, you may want to make the time investment. Another stone-took is faux granite. This technique is also time-consuming but well worth the effort in the end.

Crackling is a technique producing a distressed finished product that is reminiscent of weathered wood. The strié technique can make your kitchen island look like it is covered with silk shantung. Using real fabric to cover your island would cost a lot and it would be impractical, however with this technique you can have the fabric covered look without the cost or the impracticality.

Antiquing makes your island look aged and gives it a special personality. Lime washing is another technique that adds personality to the island. The look is a “scrubbed chalk” finish that is usually obtained by whitewashing wood with a lime solution. The technique uses paint and water and works best on unfinished wood.

Pickling Wood gives a similar effect as the lime washing look. The distressed, but light and airy look has a beachy appearance. The wood grain technique has been around for centuries and is an effortless way to give your island the look of wood.

Add interest to your island with designs. You can use stenciling to create motifs for borders, accents or cover the entire island with the motifs. Using tape, you can make stripes, diamonds or squares. Make your kitchen island special by getting creative with the many possibilities that are open to you.

The Painting Company can supply you with the proper paints and materials for painting your kitchen island. If you need help picking colors or deciding on a faux finish, contact us. We have the expertise to help with any painting project you may have. We have offices in Arizona and Nevada.

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