Maintaining a commercial building is critical for your business, and that includes maintaining its appearance. The first look inside and out in your commercial building can communicate to potential or existing clients how you do business. Keep your best foot forward by ensuring that your building looks updated and well cared for.

Benefits of Painting Your Commercial Building

Even if the internal structure is in great shape, the visible areas of your building need to reflect that by not appearing faded, chipped or dingy. The easiest and most affordable way to address a building’s appearance is an updated exterior and/or interior paint job. There are many great benefits of painting that affect or promote the success of your business:

  • Great investment
  • Updated rental properties attract tenants
  • Stay competitive with an online presence

Great Investment

It’s always important to balance the investment of resources in your business with the value of your return on that investment. There are many ways to spend money to improve your business. One of the most affordable and convenient is simply to contract professionals to apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and/or interior spaces of your commercial building.

Updated Rental Properties Attract Tenants

Would you want to trust your business to be cared for by a potential landlord if the building did not appear well-maintained? Most companies using rental space are concerned about the maintenance of the property and you can send the right message with the updated and clean look of fresh paint. Offering continuous updates after a few years can retain tenants as well. The cost of a professional paint job is likely to be far less expensive than missing out on months of rent.

Stay Competitive with Online Presence

With so many competing companies vying for the same customers, your business cannot succeed without an effective online presence. Most likely your potential clients or residents will check you out via a search engine, viewing images of your business. Photos taken by others of your operation will often reveal aspects of your paint job inside and out. New paint can make your online images look fresh and inviting. The other side of that coin is that current and former clients or residents have many avenues to leave reviews of your business and facility. The repercussions of a bad comment regarding the perceived upkeep and appearance of your commercial property can be devastating. Impressing reviewers with an affordable and convenient professional paint application can be a painless way to keep up with the competition.

Tips for Getting Your Paint Job Done Right

It doesn’t matter what size your commercial property is, it needs to look sharp, clean and show care for maintenance and professionalism. You can’t trust just any contractor to get it done right. Some things to consider when preparing to have your building painted: 

  • Proper prep and cleaning
  • Hire a good contractor
  • Planning and budget

Proper Prep and Cleaning

It’s critical that the space being painted is prepped and cleaned. Get rid of any possible residue or dusty material that could interfere with a precise and clean paint job. If you do your best to remove what you can, a properly skilled paint contractor will know all the right additional steps to deliver a flawless job. They will correct and fill in rough or dented surfaces, remove blemishes and prime oily areas.

Hire a Good Contractor

It cannot be overstated that finding the right contractor is critical in your process of updating your building at the best ratio of cost versus results. A great contractor will already have the proper skills and equipment necessary. This avoids costly mistakes and issues. They will likely also offer additional important related services for prep or finishing, such as pressure washing and caulking and sealing. This can save the business owner more time and money in the long run.

Planning and Budget

Knowing your available resources and creating a solid budget for your painting project can provide clarity between you and your contractor. Your budget needs to be realistic and based on both your goals and how much you can afford to spend. Additionally, it’s important to consider the cost of doing the job during work hours or after hours, since after hours can be costlier, while disrupting business operations could affect your long-term productivity as well. A skilled and experienced contractor will help you plan the best strategy for completing the job with the most convenient schedule and efficient manner for your business operation. They know what issues can arise and how to avoid or address them quickly and effectively.

The Painting Company understands the importance and complexity of helping commercial building clients manage affordability with convenience and the challenges of working in a business environment. We offer skilled and experienced professionals to guide and work with business owners to reach their improvement goals. Give The Painting Company a call or contact us online today to make your appointment.

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