The days when most ceilings were plain white, often with popcorn texture, are gone. The trend for tying in the ceiling with the walls and other accents is spurring many people to look up and envision a new color or texture for their ceilings.

Reasons to Re-Do Your Ceiling

If you have not thought much about your ceiling color or style, you may be missing an opportunity to enhance the rooms of your home. New paint can do wonders for a ceiling and create a look that enhances the features of your room. Here are a few excellent reasons to re-do your ceiling to give a new look to any room.

  • Outdated popcorn ceilings. If your home was built before the year 2000, there is a good chance that popcorn ceilings were put in place. Not only is this look outdated, ceilings textured before 1977 may contain asbestos. Give rooms a makeover and improve the value of your home with a ceiling makeover.
  • Create depth. Want to make a room with tall ceilings cozier or open up a small room? Colors on your ceiling can create a different effect for the room. Darker ceilings feel more enclosed and light ceilings can open up a smaller room.
  • Modern style. For decades, white ceilings were the fad. Revitalize your rooms with varying colors and styles for ceilings that follow the trends popular in today’s home décor.
  • Hide imperfections. Did a water leak leave a stain on your ceilings or are there discolorations from smoking or cooking? New paint can hide those stains and make the ceiling surface look new again.

Like any paint job, ceilings with new paint can make a big difference in a room. Even if you leave the walls the same, just painting the ceiling can rejuvenate the appearance of a room.

Preparing to Paint Your Ceiling

Like any paint job, preparation must be done before you can paint your ceilings. This can be a little more difficult than walls due to the height of your ceiling and texture that is already in place. For flat surfaces, you will need to clean the surface to make sure the paint will adhere. Painter’s tape should also be used to protect trim or the adjoining walls from paint overlap. Stained ceilings may need additional coverage; primer may be needed to cover dark stains before you can begin painting.

If you have a popcorn ceiling, the preparation is more extensive. The texture must be removed, which is not difficult, but is time-consuming and can have health implications. Popcorn ceilings with asbestos need careful removal to reduce the chance of inhaling this harmful substance. It is recommended to have a professional perform this process for ease and safety; once it is removed, a professional painting service can also fill in gouges and create the even surface needed for painting.

Ceiling Color Options

While we can repaint your white ceiling white again—it may still give a refreshed look to the room—there are other color and style options. White is simple and easy, but it has been overused for many decades when it comes to ceiling colors.

One option is to paint your ceiling the same color as at least one of your walls. This is a good option for lighter colors—dark-colored walls with matching ceilings may seem too oppressive. Tan, gray, light yellow or soft blues can be used on both ceilings and walls to envelop the room with a soft glow.

Another option is to stay within the same color group but choose another hue. A high-ceiling room with light green walls and a forest green ceiling could make it cozy. A smaller room with darker blue walls with a light blue ceiling may open up space.

A final option is choosing a completely different color for your ceiling. This works with walls that are light or neutral and will not contrast with the new ceiling color. Imagine a stark white bathroom with a turquoise ceiling or eggshell walls with a brilliant yellow ceiling. Adding accents to the room like towels, throw pillows or artwork that tie in the ceiling color can make an old room look hip and trendy.

While painting your ceiling can make a big difference in the appearance of your room, it is not always an easy task. Let our team at The Painting Company make it simple. We can prepare your ceiling, including removing popcorn texture and apply your new paint color with professional skill. Our crews in Arizona and Nevada are experienced and always leave your space clean after the work is completed. Contact us today to get a free quote on refurbishing the ceilings in your home.

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