Opting for daring colors may seem like a great idea, but you have to remember you are stuck with your interior décor until you can afford to paint again. Going overboard with your interior design is never a good idea. Choosing neutral colors will ensure that the inside of your home is both spectacular and welcoming.

There is nothing wrong with having notions of bright and vibrant color schemes that scream out to anyone who enters a room. The problem is that those colors do not necessarily translate as well in real life. Choosing colors from the other end of the palette may actually make your interior décor stand out in a much more attractive way.

Neutral Is Not Dull

The worst mistake that homeowners make is believing that neutral colors are dull and unappealing. By their very nature, neutral colors are variable. You have a large number of colors to choose from to create exceptional palette schemes in your home. Your imagination is limitless, so you can let your ideas run wild. However, before you do, The Painting Company is here to provide you with some useful tips.

Being creative with a neutral color can enhance any room’s atmosphere. For instance, you can use white as a contrasting color in your interior décor. Pick any color and tone it down or up and you can make white the neutral color in the room. The key to neutral colors is ensuring that your scheme compliments the room and understanding that each room is different.

Selling Power

As potential buyers enter your home, you will want to bring them on a journey. While brave colors may impress, they are often very personal and put off buyers. Neutral colors and tones will ensure that your home appeals to a larger percentage of those who come for a viewing. Blinding colors are often off-putting and can decrease the perceived value of your home.

If you had opted for neutral colors, your potential buyers would have focused on the key features of your home. Selling a home involves promoting strengths and unique features which are beneficial. Gaudy colors are distracting, so ensure your interior paintwork is neutral if you are showing a home. The marketability of your home relies on perception – much of which is dictated by your paintwork.

Size Perception

Neutral colors are great for creating the impression of a larger space. If you use dark tones, they will shrink a room. Lighter, neutral tones brighten up and expand the perception of room size. Visitors and buyers alike will find every room in your home comforting and relaxing when you use neutral colors throughout.

If you want to create a cozier environment, use darker colors. Charcoal gray is a neutral color that you can use in rooms where people gather to relax. It creates a smaller space in which all your guests will feel comfortable. These colors also complement softer whites, creams or yellows. If you are in any doubt about how a particular color scheme will work in a room, you can use a sample test on small areas to compare how your paint contrasts.


Creating Focus

You can use neutral colors to create focus. There are two main ways to draw the eye in a room using neutral colors. You can either frame existing elements such as mirrors, or you can create a feature wall using colors that are complementary to the rest of your décor. Softer colors are soothing and can help elevate even the darkest mood.

You can also use neutral colors in sunrooms and conservatories to offset and reflect the rays of the sun. Soft yellows or burnt orange are ideal when contrasted with darker framed pictures to create a living space that is vibrant and calls for relaxation. This is the perfect space to chill out with friends and family when it is cool outside.

Choose Your Palette

Neutral colors allow for a lot of easy compromise in your décor. No matter what color scheme you choose for your internal paint, there is a combination that will work for your needs. The only concession you will make is lowering the tone of the paint that you opt for to ensure it blends in with the rest of your décor. Most neutral colors are suited to any kind of room – showcase your home by choosing a palette that is rich in color without seeming overly flash or bright.

Reach out to The Painting Company for more top tips on using neutral colors in your interior design. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the services that you need to get the job done.

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