Bright colors can give a room a completely different personality from the neutral or pastel tones that many rooms sport. They can add drama, excitement, and flair to an otherwise boring room. If you are contemplating going in a bold direction there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

You Can Start Small

Some people are gung-ho and jump into bright colors with both feet. They know the look they are going for and don’t mind taking the plunge. Others are not so bold. The idea of painting a room a bright color is appealing but at the same time intimidating. If you are one of these, you can always start small. Choose one of your smaller rooms, such as a powder room or small guest bedroom to start.

Working with a smaller room first gives you an idea of the possibilities. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment with contrasting trim colors and room accessories to produce a look you can live with. One thing to keep in mind is if you are going to paint a powder room first, stay away from green. You don’t want your guests to look in the mirror and see a rather sickly greenish face staring back.

Test Your Samples First

The little samples you pick up in the paint section don’t really give you a clear idea of what the finished project will look like. For a more accurate feel of how the color you choose will look, get a few samples in different hues. Put them on each wall of the room to see how they change with natural lighting. This will help you make the best choice.

If you want an even more accurate idea and if you’re willing, you can get a small sample of paint and paint a swath of color on the wall. Only do this if you are going to paint your walls. A less drastic alternative is to paint large pieces of cardboard with the color and prop them against the wall. This will also help you make the decision in choosing the best color for the room.

Color Psychology

For drama use one color in an area. When multiple bold or bright colors are used in one space the drama can get lost or it can make the area seem like too much is going on. Also, keep in mind how colors affect mood.

Certain colors tend to affect our moods. For example, using grey in a dining space tends to dampen appetites. You may not want to use it in your dining room if you are known for hosting great dinner parties; however, grey in the kitchen may help with your weight loss goals.

Red can be very dramatic. With that said, it may not be the best color for a kid’s room though. Red is a very energizing color and while that can be a good thing, this color can also bring out hostile feelings and make people irritable. You may want to rethink red as your base color and choose to use it as an accent instead.

Cool colors are blues and greens. They are known for their calming effect on people. Bedrooms are especially well suited for these colors. You’re more likely to fall asleep easier and faster in a blue room because of the serenity of the color.

Good colors for kitchen and dining areas are bright shades of yellow and orange. These colors tend to elicit an expansive feeling. Communication is more likely to happen in a room painted in one of these cheery, bright hues. Bright blues and greens along with yellows and oranges can also be used in dining areas.

Choose Colors You Can Live With

Painting a room a bright color is a way to make it fresh and interesting. With the right accessories and contrasting colors, your newly painted room can be a haven or a great hot spot in your home; however, if you aren’t careful with your color choice it can also have the opposite effect. Be sure to choose a color you can live with. Sometimes trendy colors can get old quickly.

Get to know the psychology behind the bright colors and choose those which resonate with you and reflect your personality best. Think of the mood you want to create and find colors that will help support it.

Using bright colors to give your home a facelift can give you an emotional lift as well. If you do the job yourself, you also have those feel-good moments every time you walk in the room. What an accomplishment! Regardless if it’s a DIY project or you could use some professional help, you can count on The Painting Company for quality assistance. We offer guidance and tips on how to make the work easy and good looking and we have the professionals to do it for you, so you can relax and enjoy your precious time doing other things. Contact us today and let us help you brighten your home with a splash of color. We have offices in Arizona and Nevada.

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