There is something comforting about fall, even when you live in a region that has minimal season changes, like Nevada, or Arizona,  If you embrace the beauty of fall, why not bring it into your home? Rustic fall color schemes are a great way to add warmth and beauty to your home year-round. Here are some ideas on how to give your home a new look with comforting fall colors.

Orange Hues

From tangerine to sienna, the different orange hues can add a dramatic flair to your décor when used in the right balance. Deep orange colors can be overpowering, which is why they are best used as accents. Consider painting trim or small accent walls in your favorite orange hue, like pumpkin, with a lighter background on the major walls to offset the color. Tie it together with matching throw pillows or lamps to create a stunning room that basks you in the warmth of invigorating orange.

Spice Up Your Home

The typical fall spices give you a wonderful palette for decorating your home. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice have a rich flavor and color that can offer a soothing appeal to your comfortable rooms. These enveloping colors are perfect for a cozy family room or to update your bedroom. A caramel background with cinnamon accents in your bedroom invites you to snuggle up with a good book and enjoy some alone time. Or, you can go with a deep nutmeg on the walls and brighten the bed with white linens for a stunning spare room for your guests.

Bask in the Blues and Grays

Fall colors are not only red, yellow and brown; blues can play their part as well. Softer blues are part of the autumn color scheme, such as a pale slate, Prussian blue or dusky gray. Blues and grays are wonderful for walls and ceilings, giving a natural backdrop for any room. Light grays and blues are a nice choice for redecorating your guest bathroom, or even a bedroom. Pair with plums and other deeper shades for a soothing atmosphere.

Brighten Up With Yellow

Yellow doesn’t need to be the cheery shade of lemonade and sunshine. For a fall look, you want more subdued yellows, like marigold, mustard and curry. These yellow tones can create an interesting style for your kitchen or even your entryway. Painting your cupboards in curry or an accent wall in your entry in marigold can bring brightness to your home. Keep the room open with white walls behind your curry cupboards or make your entry warm with rust accents to go with your marigold – it all depends on your personal style.

Reign with Red

The reds of fall are regal. Crimson and garnet are the colors of kings and can add a spectacular beauty to your home. A great place to feature these overpowering colors is your dining area. A dramatic crimson wall or garnet accents are fabulous in the dining room. You can also choose these regal colors in your office, although you may want to keep them as minor accents in smaller rooms. The fall reds can be an incredible way to add depth and drama to your décor, getting away from the safe neutrals that tend to be more common.

Bathe in Warm Beverages

Fall is a time to enjoy those tasty warm beverages like hot chocolate, apple cider and spiced mocha. You can also bring the warmth of those beverages into your home. Imagine a wall draped in a deep espresso or the amber of a hot apple cider. The creamy color of milk chocolate is an excellent option for a sitting area or living room, with deeper browns and bright whites to give it a lift.

Think Squash

No vegetable is as suitable for fall as squash. Go to your local produce stand and you will find a plethora of fall colors to choose from in the squash selection. From butternut to acorn, you have beige, orange, deep green and yellow, all beckoning to be added to your décor. A dining room in the dark green of winter squash or a sunroom in the persimmon color of butternut squash can all add a unique style to your home.

At The Painting Company, we can help you change up your décor with fabulous fall colors. Our professional team of painting experts can help you choose the right color scheme for your rooms to add that touch of fall. Contact our team today to schedule a color consultation to begin exploring a new look for your home. Our expertise and experience will ensure you get the right color with exceptional workmanship for your next painting project.

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