Its time for a fresh coat of paint! Painting can be a fun and enjoyable experience, it can give you a new lease on life. A new paint job can increase your home’s value and give renewal to any room. However, preparation for a paint job is just as important for the finished product. If you do not prep and clean correctly it could mean cracking and bubbling paint and a job that doesn’t last. These are the steps to clean your walls before painting to ensure you have a clean canvas.

Get to Wiping

It’s important to first start out with a good look at your wall you want to paint. How does it look? Does it have visible dirt and grime build-up, maybe a couple of crayon marks or food stains? Its time to wipe down that dirtied canvas and trade it for something better. Get a soft washcloth and it can be dry for this step. Begin by wiping down your wall, this removes the access dirt and dust that may be trouble later on.

Scrub it Down

For those stains and rubbed on grime, it is now time to scrub down the wall. This means getting those bubbles going and purchasing a sponge and soap. Clean, simple, and easy for any wall. These are for easier stains and dirt build-up and leaves your wall looking refreshed. It is recommended you use grease-cutting detergent to ensure that you can get rid of those scuffs and stains. It’s important to scrub in a circular motion moving softly as not to damage but to clean. It’s easiest to start from the top and work your way downward.

Wipe Down

Now is the time to wipe down and get rid of all that excess soap. Be sure to get a new bucket of water. You can take a washcloth and dampen it in the clean water and rub down the wall, cleaning off the soap. It`s important to get all that soap off to avoid soap build-up that could ruin your new paint job. You can run a towel along to capture excess water and be sure that your wall is thoroughly dry before painting.

Check for Mold and Leaks

Now that the wall is free of stains, scuffs, dirt, and grime be sure to do a once, or even twice, over of your wall to check for water damage and possible mold growth. Look at the wall and check for mold growth by looking for

  1. Bubbling or cracking in the paint
  2. Raised and bowed parts of the paint
  3. Water stains varying in color

These could be a sign of a much more dangerous problem. Moisture can create mold and it is imperative you call professionals to eradicate said mold. Mold can be fairly damaging to health and destroy and eat through paint.

Now Get a Professional

Or, if you want to save some time and heartache we can wipe down surfaces before to ensure a clean start. Is your wall looking clean and ready? It’s a perfectly fresh canvas for a new paint job. Then you`ll want to continue this perfection by hiring a professional painter. A professional painter like Nevada Painting Company is sure to deliver a beautiful and meticulous job sure to last.

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