One of the best ways to show support of a teenager during their teenage years is to allow them to express some of their creativity at home. This creativity doesn’t have to come in the form of unattended chaos; rather, it can come in the form of providing them a space where they can truly feel like themselves.

Redesigning your teenager’s room not only provides a great, personal space for your adults to be, but it also gives them an opportunity to have an input on the space they live in. Here are some of the latest teenage-room scheme trends going into 2021.

For Girls

Color psychology has a lot to do with how a person perceives a living space. As a result, different people gravitate towards different colors when deciding how to decorate a room. Girls usually gravitate towards bold or light colors on the color wheel, used in a triad complementary fashion.

For example, one of the most trending color schemes for teenage girls today is a coral design. This design includes the color light-coral as the room’s base, a faded cream as the secondary color, and a lime green as the accent color for the room. Another one of the most popular designs is the lavender color scheme. This color scheme has a light lavender as the base color for the walls, a bold white for the secondary color, and neon pink shades for its accent color.

For Boys

Boys usually gravitate towards cooler, bolder colors. For example, if a girl prefers blue in her room, she will generally opt for a light blue or a turquoise shade. A teenage boy usually likes their cool colors as they are. If blue is painted on the walls, they want a solid, bold blue. The color schemes for boys definitely look different when compared to the trending ones for girls. One of the most popular designs for 2021 for boys is called the Woodsy Blue color. This color design uses a navy blue for the base, a light oak color for the secondary, and a light lime and orange as an accent color. Another one of the best 2021 trends is the City modern design. This design has a grey as the base color, a bold orange as the secondary color, and an oaky wood as the accent color. This design gives the vibe of a modern setting and keeps the room looking classy but creative.


Sometimes, teenagers don’t necessarily want their rooms specifically tailored to their gender. Neutral designs can be used for boys and girls and often take on a more “adult” style decoration. The base colors traditionally used for boys and girls are tans, browns, blues, whites, and black. These colors can be used in a variety of combinations to create neutral yet elegant rooms for teenagers.

Asking for your teenager’s input while redesigning or painting their rooms can go a long way in helping them feel comfortable at home. These trends are only a couple of the possibilities available to you and your teenager. If you need help along the way or only want to pick out the colors, give us a call! We have extensive experience with all types of paint projects and love helping people transform their homes through color.

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