Huge. It is labor intensive, and it won’t be cheap. You may need to close for a few days, resulting in lost opportunity for business. So how do you know if it’s the right decision or not? Here are a few thoughts to consider before painting your grocery store.

Does the Paint Need Refreshing?

The most basic question to ask is what does the current paint look like? Is it chipped and peeling? Is it dirty beyond cleaning? The truth is if your grocery store doesn’t look clean and polished, you’re going to lose business. Nobody wants to shop in a store that looks dingy and run down, and they certainly don’t want to buy their food there. To give your customers the best possible impression of your store, you need to give them a place they want to return to. The store needs to be clean and organized. The produce and meat need to be fresh. The freezers have to be clean and cold. You’ve got to have competitive prices and friendly service. The store must look like it receives the care and maintenance it deserves. When customers feel good shopping in your store, they’ll be back. Keep the floors mopped, the shelves dusted and the paint on the walls looking clean and fresh.

Look at the Competition

Unless you live in a very small community, you’re probably not the only option for groceries. Odds are you have one, two or even more competitors. Competition doesn’t need to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be good for business if your customers have a choice and your quality and service come out on top. That can be a big ‘if,’ though.

There are lots of things a grocery store can do to stay competitive. You can add self-checkouts, offer savings cards and carry that kombucha everyone likes. But, if the store down the street looks brighter, fresher, and newer than yours, customers will march out your door and go there instead.

Do a little sleuthing. Walk through the competition’s store and see what things look like. Is it updated and stylish? Does it look cleaner or more sanitary than your business? A fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling can do wonders to make your store feel new and improved. And those customers who left because the competition looked prettier? They’ll come back in no time when your place looks revitalized.

Are Your Colors Outdated?

Another way your grocery store can look like it’s lost in the past is if the colors are out-of-date. If the paint is dull and faded and still sporting Harvest Gold, it might be time to give things a fresh coat of color.

The colors you choose to paint with can have a huge impact on your business. Did you know red is appetizing? Or that green makes your customers think fresh and healthy? Yellow makes nearly everyone happy. Blue will trigger a bit of nostalgia in your Baby Boomer demographic as it was used a lot when they were younger.

Turquoise is a welcoming color. Lighter greens speak to health and freshness, as well as giving the impression of sound, level thinking, but darker greens signify wealth and greed. The lighter shades will make your customer think they are getting some good buys, but too much dark green can make them think you’re greedy. Use those darker colors sparingly. Gold tones will signify an upscale place of business.

Research shows that the three most appetizing colors are red, yellow, and orange. The least appetizing colors are blue, black, and purple. Keep this in mind when choosing colors for your store. While bright colors like red, orange, and yellow are stimulating, you don’t want these colors in large areas, or it can cause people to feel anxious. Instead, use them to highlight sales or make areas with specialty items pop.

Studies have shown that color can cause a customer to make an impulse buy as much as 85- 90% of the time. It stands to reason then that the colors you use in your grocery store can have a huge influence on your shoppers and how much they spend.

Consider your logo when you choose paint colors. If you can incorporate those colors throughout the store, it goes a long way toward branding. Even blues, blacks, and purples can work if they are in your logo and you use them carefully.

Is it time to consider painting your grocery store? The Painting Company has a staff of expert color consultants and paint professionals who are ready to help you make the best decision about painting your store. Contact us and talk to our friendly staff about a fresh look at your grocery store.

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