You can make your home look brand new, wowing friends and neighbors, and increasing your curb appeal at the same time.

Your color scheme is extremely important, when going for trendy exterior paint combinations. While you may want to go wild with your ideas, you should at least stick to the traditional three-color scheme. Traditional color schemes consist of a main color for your sidings, with two additional colors for trim and accents.

Trendy color schemes do not need to be over-the-top. You can set your home apart from the rest with color schemes that have been established to work. This guide will help you choose a palette from a list of color schemes currently trending with Arizona homeowners.

Colors that Work

First, you will need to decide on the depth of color which most appeals to you. You can choose between cool, neutral, or warm color schemes for your exterior paint work. Remember, the type of color scheme will have an impact on what impression your home makes from the outside.

Darker colors may make your home appear dwarfed by its surroundings, whereas lighter colors can make larger homes appear more natural in their space. Choosing colors that are too bright, in contrast to surrounding properties, may also make your property stand out, but not necessarily in a good way. Balance is the key element to making your trendy colors work.

The following color palettes are arranged in order of siding, trim, and accents. These colors are garnering a lot of interest among The Painting Company customers, so they are definitely worth consideration for your exterior painting project.


Your home will take on an entirely new look with white sidings, complimented by aquamarine trim, and a front door that is a tangerine accent. This color palette has been proven to draw the eye, and it works well as a means of boosting curb appeal. If your home is colonial in design, this color palette will work especially well with your architecture.

Buttercream Yellow–White–Black

Yellow siding is a bold choice, which boasts of a happy and vibrant home. The great thing about yellow is that it takes well to toning down or up, depending on surrounding color schemes. The whites and blacks create contrast, resulting in an overall color scheme that is breath-taking to behold.

Gray–Paprika Red–Bright White

Gray is extremely versatile as a main color in an exterior painting palette. Stormy gray, especially, can give any home a new lease on life. Window frames, trim, and front doors gain emphasis with a coat of paprika red. Add the final touches to your color scheme by painting window sashes in bright, vibrant white.

Using Color Schemes to Enhance your Home

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing your color scheme. What color is your roof? How will your chosen color scheme blend with adjacent properties? Can you achieve the color scheme you want by adjusting hues?

Black roofs work well with cooler colors; brown shingles allow for warmer colors. Although you want your home to stand out from surrounding properties, you don’t want it to stand out too much. Clashing with surrounding properties will reduce your curb appeal, and it could affect the resale value of your property.

If you want a color scheme that is impactful, choose colors that make prominent features stand out. Features that normally draw the eye include shutters, eaves, doors and door frames, and window frames.

Seek Professional Advice

Trendy exterior color schemes are not necessarily the norm. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the mind’s vision does not always translate well to reality. The last thing you want to do is commit to a color scheme that is either over- or under-whelming. Remember, an exterior painting project is a large and costly job.

Seeking professional advice can help you decide whether your color scheme will work for your home. You can look at a thousand pictures, but there is no substitute for the expert advice of professional painters. Changing your color scheme does not necessarily mean compromising on your dream palette, either. A professional painter can work with tones and hues to achieve the results you want in a visually appealing way.

At the The Painting Company, we have our finger on the pulse of all the trending color schemes in exterior house painting. We know what works and what doesn’t. If you want to make your home stand out in the right way, our professional painting team is here to help, with advice and implementation.

Contact the The Painting Company for further information on exterior house painting. We look forward to helping you create a trendy exterior palette that gives your home the boost it needs.

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