Either you are noticing signs of wear and tear on the paint surface or the color is no longer fresh and modern. Whatever the reason, when you paint your business, you may wind up reaping rewards you never thought possible.

Before you choose the first color that catches your eye—or order a do-over on the paint color you’ve had for years—perhaps it is time to consider the unexpected benefits that can come from painting your business and how you can maximize them by selecting not just any color, but the right color.

Attract New Customers

If yours is a service business, you are likely always looking for ways to attract new customers. Nothing says that you are open for business and ready to compete like keeping your building updated and painted in modern and attractive colors. Your commitment to keeping up your building will speak volumes about your staying power in the marketplace.

Save Money

Anything that affects the bottom line is worth studying, right? What if we told you that a coat of paint can save you money? It’s true. Paint is a protective coating on your building that keeps out dirt, moisture, and pests. But over time your painted surfaces begin to wear away and expose your siding to the elements. When you keep your building on a regular painting and touch-up schedule, you can keep damaging signs of wear at bay.

Increase the Value of Your Property

If you are considering putting your building on the market, a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to give a significant face-lift that buyers are sure to notice—and even pay top dollar for. Buyers may be more likely to choose a property that has been recently repainted so that it is one less thing to worry about before they move in. Also, showing that you take good care of your building may make your property more desirable than those that have seen better days.

Pro Tip: if you are painting your business before putting it on the market, play it safe with your color choice by leaning on the neutral side. You don’t want to turn off potential buyers because the color is too garish or bright.

Make Your Employees and Customers Happy

The psychology of color tells us that people react in certain ways to specific colors. You may wish to brush up on just what message you are conveying to your employees—and the world—with your color before it gets applied to your entire building.

Getting a nod from the outdoors, green is associated with all things natural, so it can be very calming and relaxing. Green is also a color that people generally like.

Blue is the most popular color and symbolizes trustworthiness and loyalty. It can have calming effects and is likely to be pleasing to most people.

Yellow can be an optimistic, happy color, however, many people don’t care for the color itself. If you would like to choose a color with broad appeal, you are probably wise to move on from the yellow side of the color wheel.

Red is exciting and can convey energy and passion. But too much stimulation may not be a good thing, as red can be a distraction in areas where you need to concentrate.

Purple is associated with luxury and royalty and can also invoke creativity because it stimulates the imagination.

Brown is an earthy tone that tends to speak to nature-lovers who prefer simplicity.

Orange represents vibrancy and energy on one hand and low cost on another. People associate the color orange with good value. If your business sells high-end goods, don’t be discouraged as orange can still play well in that field.

Pink is decidedly feminine and has calming effects. Light pinks can invoke tranquility and calmness. And once people get to a place of calm, they often remain there—a strategy that could be used to your advantage if heated discussions occur in your place of business.

White represents cleanliness with a contemporary vibe. Warm whites can create a cozier atmosphere, while cool whites feel more formal. A word of caution, however, too much white may not be stimulating enough and could cause boredom to set in.

There are many good reasons to paint your business: to remain competitive in the marketplace, to prevent damaging effects from the elements, to increase property value, and to be a welcoming place for your customers and employees, alike.

If you are considering painting your commercial building, contact The Painting Company to learn more about the benefits of painting your business. Contact us to get started on painting the way to improving your business.

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