It doesn’t matter if you are planning to sell your home or not, people will make judgments about you based on how your home looks from the outside. It isn’t fair but the reality is that people make these judgments automatically and there is nothing you can do other than improving your curb appeal.

If you are planning on selling your home, then curb appeal is something that you need to work on before you put your home on the property market. Listing a home that doesn’t have great curb appeal can result in your home becoming devalued if it sits on the market too long without any viewings.

Lighting Maintenance

Before we get into painting to improve your curb appeal, all your work will be for nothing if your property isn’t well lit. Your lighting is important for both your listing and when any potential buyers come for a viewing. Good lighting can be used to highlight particular features on your property and your paintwork.

It is important to ensure that any existing outdoor lighting fixtures are clean and new bulbs are used for optimum lighting. If your lighting fixtures are old, you may want to consider buying new fixtures for a more contemporary look. While you are at it, landscape lighting is an excellent way to provide additional light and attract attention to selling features on your property.


Doors are one of the first things that prospective buyers or anyone else notice about your home. As the entryway to your home, the front door is the best place to start when it comes to painting for curb appeal. You have two choices when it comes to sprucing up your front door: You can touch up the existing paintwork or paint it an entirely new color.

There is no point painting your front door if it is in serious disrepair. Make sure to correct any minor defects and use fillers where necessary before painting. If there are serious defects in your door that aren’t easily fixed, it is worth replacing the door as an investment in curb appeal – especially if you are trying to sell.

Mailbox and Other Yard Features

If you have features such as a mailbox on your property, they will affect your curb appeal more than you may think. These features say a lot about a homeowner, so make sure they create a great first impression for visitors or potential buyers. If smaller yard features are out of date or damaged, replacing them is probably your best option.

For any yard features that need some tender loving care, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and then apply a fresh coat of paint. You can even use the opportunity to get creative and paint your mailbox and other features with an artistic flair. You can use contrasting colors to make yard features stand out better and give your property a more contemporary look.

Gardening Features

Your gardening features are ideal for creating a welcoming and homey environment. Potted plants around entryways or paths are recommended for increasing curb appeal. Again, it is important to ensure that your plant containers are clean and damage-free. We also recommend upgrading your old or dull planting containers with paint.

If you are not sure which plants are best for boosting curb appeal, err on the side of caution by choosing neutral plants or consult with your real estate agent if you are selling your home. Plants and gardening are often a personal thing, so try not to go overboard with the gardening at the front of your property.

Paint for Impact

While saving money by making small improvements to the front of your property will increase your curb appeal, sometimes a larger project is the only way to make an impact. Repainting the exterior of your home will completely change how people see your home. Although this is a fairly large project to undertake, there are several benefits besides improving curb appeal.

Painting the entire exterior of your home will allow you to make your property stand out to visitors and anyone interested in buying your home if you decide to sell. If you aren’t ready for such a large project, you should at least touch up your paintwork and consider painting any shutters and trim in a different color to create contrast and add style.

The Painting Company can help you increase your curb appeal with expert advice and professional painting project management. We have years of proven expertise in completing painting projects both large and small. Call today to find out how The Painting Company can help you realize your vision for better curb appeal today.

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