You have all the colors in the rainbow to choose from, so how do you decide on just one color to paint your bathroom? When deciding what color to paint your bathroom, it is important to take note of how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning. Wall colors set the mood, so you want to avoid dull tones and opt for something that gets you excited about your day! We have some ideas for you.

Going Bold

This is your opportunity to go against the grain. Is the rest of your home neutral and safe? Paint your bathroom red! This can feel like a daring option but gives your home a secret accent that is timeless. Use your accent pieces to dictate the impact your red wall creates. Are you going bold with white and black accents? Or are you leaning into your 19th Century Victorian era by decorating with gold?

Classic with Black and White

White and black bathrooms are also a timeless option. This style gives your bathroom a 1940s and 1950s style. Black walls with white subway tile and strong white accents are “in” right now and give your bathroom a very modern look with that sleek, retro feel. Black floor tile is very popular right now, but buyer beware: black floors show everything from specs of dust to even the smallest watermarks. To give this classic look a more elegant feel, decorate with marble. Marbled accents tie the black and white together to give your bathroom a fancier, sophisticated look.

Subdued Pastels

Bathrooms painted in pastel colors are very common, but when done right, it emits a bright, cheerful tone that will pair nicely with your cup of morning joe. Subdued yellows or taupe will emit a regal, elegant feel that will give you a feeling of happiness and comfort. Pastels pair nicely with wooden accents and green plants. Bring your garden inside and breathe life back into your home!


Texture or no texture? Textured walls are great for small bathrooms because it introduces depth into a smaller space. Just remember, texturing a wall is easy, but going back to a smooth wall is a different story. Removing it can be time-consuming, and expensive, so be ready for the commitment. The best colors to choose for textured walls are shades of brown or dark colors. The earthy tones are warm and give a feeling of comfort. This look is especially popular with the Southwestern style of Arizona homes!

Adventurous Neon’s

Who doesn’t love a good bathroom theme? Neon’s are especially great for kid’s bathrooms. Whether you want to feel like you are under the sea, or soaking up the sun, neon bathrooms scream youth and excitement. Painting your bathroom with neon colors can feel like a design risk, but this is your chance to have fun and be creative with your vision. If a bright green wall isn’t exactly what you had in mind, consider a monochromatic paint with neon accents. Neon accents pop right off grey walls, so if you are worried about the longevity of neon orange, or maybe your child’s favorite color changes every season, monochromatic grey is extremely versatile and always works with a changing style, while giving your bathroom depth.

Still not sure what color to choose? Contact The Painting Company today! Our Color Consultants will evaluate your room and help you choose the perfect color for space.

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