The same would go if we were choosing new paint colors for a residence. However, how often do we really stop to think about how beneficial it is to repaint your office’s interior? And when we do, are we taking into consideration how the right color pallet can benefit your business even more?

First, we will cover the benefits of repainting the interior of your business space. Second, we’ll discuss how to choose the best color pallet based on several factors. Third, there are many types of paint available. Which is best for you? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Repainting Your Office Space

Like we mentioned above, repainting your office is just as important as repainting your own home. The benefits, however, can be a bit different. As an office space and a place of business, there are more financial benefits than you may realize.

Saving Money

Paint, even in an interior space, helps to protect the building materials beneath it. If paint is starting to chip around baseboards and trim, these pieces can be more vulnerable to bumps and scrapes, and even water damage. The walls themselves also rely on paint not just to keep them looking clean and crisp, but also to help the drywall, brick, cinderblock, or other surfaces underneath from seeing more wear and tear. Any damage resulting from worn or chipped paint can end up costing your business more in maintenance and repair costs than it does to repaint the interior office space.

Increasing Profits

When prospective customers, clients, and even employees enter your place of business, they are taking in their first impressions of you just as much as you are of them. A dull, drab paint job doesn’t stand out to these groups of people, but what if you had a relaxing and light feeling around the office? What if you had a punchy color pallet that shows intensity but also warmth? The right paint job can help you make the first impression you want, without having to say a word.

Boosting Morale

It’s been proven that off-white, dark beige and other drab, neutral tones can often lead to poor productivity due to depression. If the colors you choose for your office space are light and bright or edgy and intense, so will be the moods of your employees. It’s up to you to create the type and level of mood that your business needs. You can do that with just paint in many cases.

Choosing the Best Color Pallet for an Office Workspace

Now you know why it’s beneficial for you to repaint the interior of your office. What next? It’s time to choose the colors that suit your office the best. There are several things you’ll want to consider when picking paint colors.

The Type of Business

Compare a dentist’s office with a marketing agency. Other than being vastly different businesses, they differ in the mood they want to create with their clients. A dentist’s office will want their patients to feel calm and relaxed while waiting for their appointment. Painting the lobby in light blue and green colors can help create that relaxing atmosphere. However, a marketing agency doesn’t want their clients to feel relaxed. They want them to feel pumped up and energized, ready to get the results they are looking for. Using bright and intense colors like shades of orange and red can do just that.

The Type of Mood

We talked a bit about mood above, as it pertains to the type of business that will be painted. But what about your employees? Often, it is the lighter and brighter colors that create a happy, productive environment. This is especially true in offices with open floorplans since these colors react pleasantly with light, both natural and artificial. If employees are more relaxed and productive at their desks with those colors, what type of mood do you want to create in the breakroom? the conference room? the lobby? individual offices? The colors you choose will impact the mood in each space, so each may need a different pallet.

Visual Cues

Open floorplans are becoming more popular, favored over the closed and stuffy cubicle. How can you differentiate different departments? Or even individual workspaces? Color can definitely make that happen. While you may not want to paint one area of the office green and another blue to create that separation, there are ways. For example, perhaps modern, edgy designs on the walls in a color that stands out, indicating you’ve moved from one department to another.

Choosing the Best Paint for Your Business

Repainting your office isn’t only about the colors you choose. There are also a galaxy of diverse types of paints that can be used. Let’s look at a couple.

Low Odor Options

It can be difficult to give all your employees a week of vacation just to have the pros come in to paint. There are paints certified as “low odor” that make it possible for your employees to keep working, for clients and prospective new employees to come and go, and for general business to continue. Low odor paints won’t disrupt your business.

“Green” Options

If your business is on the cutting edge of everything eco-friendly and green, you shouldn’t have to change your company model just to paint the office space. In fact, there are many eco-friendly paints that can keep you green all while you save green with a new office interior.

Make the Leap to a New Look

Whether you want to give us a few days to get the job done or we will be working along-side your employees to give their office a vibrant look, The Painting Company can make sure your walls speak for your company. Whether bold and bright or light and calming, we have the paint and design for every area of your business space. Work with our color consultants to make your space flow and cohesive as it should. Contact us for any office paint job in Arizona or Nevada.

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