Before you open your doors and invite potential buyers to look around, it is a good idea to put together a list of any fixes or upgrades that are needed to make it look as inviting and appealing as possible.

What Reasons are There for Painting your House Before Selling?

Many people see a potential house as a blank canvas, ready for them to make their mark on and turn that house into a “home”. While having attractive furnishings can really show a room’s potential, one of the most important things you can do to help increase the chance of a sale is to have nicely painted and finished walls.

While there are some buyers who may be on the lookout for a renovation project, these types of properties will often be at the lower end of the price scale, due to the amount of work required. Most people who are looking for their next home want something that needs as little work doing as possible. Redecorating a new home can be a time consuming and costly exercise, so making sure that job is already taken care of is a great way to increase interest in your property and add value.

How Will l Know Which Rooms Need Redecorating?

Some rooms may only need limited work doing. You may have relatively recently decorated rooms with an unusual feature wall or bold and bright print on the walls. While this may grab the attention of some individual buyers, it is best to try and keep the walls as neutral as possible to appeal to the greatest number of people. Make sure that all the rooms in your home are decorated to the same standard and have a color scheme that works well together. If something has been repainted recently and still looks fresh then you could keep that room as it is, as long as the colors are neutral and pleasing to the eye. If it has been a while since you did any redecorating, then it is undoubtedly a good idea to give the whole house a once over to keep it from looking tired or dated.

Getting Started

When planning a decorating project, a good place to start is to make notes regarding each room and make a list of things that need to be done. Consider the lighting in each room and the room’s function. Trends for colors change all the time, so it is also worth familiarizing yourself with what is currently popular. Also, consider the type of home that you live in and who your potential buyer might be. If your home is suitable for a family with children, that may require a different approach to color than that of a home for a young, single professional.

To get you started and give you some ideas, we have put together a few examples of what color schemes are currently on trend, on the advice of professional residential painters.

  • Kitchen: Many people spend a lot of time in their kitchen and it is often a big selling point when they are considering if they want to buy a property. Keeping a kitchen bright and breezy with cool colors such as teal, dark blue, light green or zesty orange is a great way to make the heart of the home somewhere people will want to spend their time.
  • Dining Room: If your home has a dining room then making the most of that space is almost as important as the kitchen. Perhaps a sunny light yellow would make the perfect setting for those fun family breakfasts, or maybe a deep and rich burgundy to add some sophistication to night’s when they are entertaining.
  • Living Room: This room is where people go to relax, so keep that in mind when choosing the color scheme. Cool colors such as shades of grey and teal can really create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can add some fun with bright colors such as red, yellow or orange.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom is another important aspect when considering a new home. Greens and blues work well here, or even a stark contrast to silver and white fixtures using black on the walls can create an attractive feature.
  • Bedroom: People consider their bedrooms to be their own little safe space away from the rest of the busy house. If you have a number of them then consider who could possibly use them and decorate accordingly. Dark colors are increasingly popular these days for bedrooms so consider dark grey or navy blue. Pastel colors are also a nice and neutral way to create an attractive space for a bedroom if you’re feeling less brave. Consider using colors such as pastel pinks and blues, or maybe a relaxing lavender color scheme.
  • Nursery or Children’s Bedroom: If you have a room that is perfect for a nursery or younger child then lighter colors are something that will always appeal to parents looking for a new family home. The classic pale blue or pink remains popular, while a pale grey is also an excellent choice.

Whether you have a color scheme in mind or not, The Painting Company is the perfect place to discuss your redecorating plans. If you would like some more information or help planning your project, contact us for a quote today. We are located in Arizona and Nevada.

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