No matter what you feel about regulating products, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that lead paint is a hazardous substance.

Even today, homeowners are finding lead paint that was used before the ban took effect in 1978. These products represent a ticking time bomb that is detrimental to the wellbeing of families living in compromised properties. Children, pregnant women and pets are most at-risk from the toxic effects of lead paint.

Lead Paint Exposure

You may be wondering how people could live in a home where lead paint was used without suffering any adverse effects. So long as lead paint is not disturbed, there is little risk of exposure. The problem is, homeowners tend to carry out renovations, which can result in lead paint particulates being released into the air. Once that happens, every surface in your home and the very air you breathe becomes toxic.

The reason children and pets are so vulnerable to exposure is due to their heights and habits. Both are closer to the ground, where dust particulates containing lead are likely to settle. Pets and children are also more likely to experiment with tasting things, which significantly increases the likelihood of ingesting lead paint particles.

Even if you do not carry out repairs or improvements in your home, Nevada heat can cause paint to crack, chip or peel. The result is lead particles being released and the chances of exposure rising. You may not even see the dangers if lead paint was used in an area of your home such as the basement or attic.

Detecting Lead Paint

The first thing you need to consider is when your home was built. If it was before 1978, there is a chance that lead paint was used, at some point. However, some companies continued to use lead paint even after the ban, to get rid of surplus supplies. Knowing the history of repairs and renovations when you buy an older home will certainly help set your mind at ease. You can even ask the previous owners if they tested for lead paint before you agree to purchase the property.

If you have already bought an older home, you can acquire lead paint testing kits from most home-improvement stores. Failing that, a simple online search will return a large range of products you can use to check your home for lead paint. If your worst fears are confirmed, it is important that you do not attempt to remove lead paint yourself.

Painting Over Lead Paint

This is a bit of a controversial subject in the painting industry. Yes, you can paint over lead paint; however, you are still running the risk of releasing paint particles. Preparing the surface can result in compromising the original lead paint, and you won’t have any way of telling if you have released a toxic substance into the air in your home.

It is better to hire a lead-safe certified painter who understands the risks involved and knows how to keep you and your family safe. It is important to understand that lead paint can cause serious health complications, which will have a permanent effect on you or your loved ones. At The Painting Company, we simply do not believe that a DIY painting project is worth the risk, when dealing with lead paint.

While a new coat will provide a barrier against disturbing lead paint, it is always there, lurking in the background. Anything that disturbs the paint underneath is putting everyone in your home at risk of exposure. The only sure solution is having the paint removed by professionals and decontaminating your home.

The Painting Company Solutions

At The Painting Company, we provide the services of a foreman and project manager on every project. Additionally, all our painters receive extensive training, which includes knowing the risks of lead paint. If you want peace of mind that the health of your family is in good hands, we provide effective solutions for every painting project.

We understand the challenges that lead paint presents. There is no substitute for professionalism and experience, when it comes to painting in older homes. Your dedicated team will consult with you throughout the project, ensuring that you are always well-informed about any potential problems that may arise.

Call The Painting Company, today, if you are concerned about lead paint in your home. Our expert consultants in Arizona or Nevada will provide you with the best advice and answer any questions you may have.

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