Designers and homeowners are no longer afraid to take a risk with bold color choices and are starting to go darker in all areas of their home.


According to a recent Paint Quality Institute online survey of over 540 DIY painters (homeowners and renters), everyone is going darker on the walls of their rooms—including the kitchen and bathrooms, which are typically kept in “light” and “bright” colors to give a sense of cleanliness. Homeowners and renters are not only painting their bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms a darker shade, they’re also carrying the trend through the hallway (maybe to accessorize that gallery wall they have created).


In celebration of this new survey result, here are just a few reasons why we’re excited about this darker trend and how to use it best in your house.

Darker Colors Better for Sleep

Sleep experts have long concluded that darker colors are better for catching some Z’s after a long day. Bright colors can be overstimulating and can lead to a lack of rest, which is especially not good news for those of us who have trouble falling asleep in the first place. Although switching to a darker hue in the bedroom can be better for sleep, try to avoid painting a shade of purple, which is known to be too mentally stimulating and can lead to restlessness.

More Color is More Stimulating

Although in the past, many homeowners and renters have played it safe when it comes to color—to this we ask, “Why?” If you spend all day in a boring, colorless office, and then you come home to an all-taupe or tan house, you’re not going to get as much stimulation or enjoyment out of your home as you should. Your home should be your place to let loose and express yourself. If you can’t put a little color into your home, then where else can you?


Playing with the color on the walls should not only be allowed, but it should also be encouraged. Don’t be afraid to go bolder and darker. Have fun with mixing and matching colors! Life is far too short to play it safe on your interior walls.


Nothing Can Transform a House More Than a Can of Paint

After you buy a new house or move into a rental, it can almost be overwhelming with the amount of stuff you have to buy to really transform it into “your” space. (This is especially true if you have upgraded in size). You might feel the pressure to add a bunch of artwork so that your house doesn’t look empty and desolate.


However, before you go out and spend a bunch of money on furniture and artwork, try to incorporate a little bit of bold color on the walls. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the transformation is from boring and empty to exciting and bold.

Make Sure Your Colors Flow Well

If you do decide to play along with this darker wall trend (and we think you should), then be sure that you are creating a nice flow throughout the house. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to play around with a new color in each room, you want to be sure that you aren’t being too random in your color choices.


For example, a deep red in the living room may not flow too well with a hunter green in the kitchen next to it. Stick to one color “theme,” such as jewel tones or primary colors, so that your color choice doesn’t look too random and provides a styled feel.

Have a Little Know-How Before You Paint


Once you have chosen your bold colors, you will definitely want to be prepared for painting with a darker color on the walls. Although painting with dark colors is still relatively simple, you have to keep in mind a couple of extra things when painting a dark color on interior walls.


First, if you are going from a light shade to a dark shade, you probably want to prime your walls before you splash any paint on them. This will help bring out the true hue of the color better, which is of course what you want.


Second, with a dark shade, you want to paint the entire wall pretty quickly. Because different sections of the wall will dry at varied rates, you want to be sure you can’t see any streaks once you’re done.


Lastly, you’ll most likely need at least three coats of paint before you can really see what the true color is supposed to be. Don’t rest until you make sure it’s right!


Other than ensuring that you’ve taped off all the baseboards and moldings, painting with a dark color should be a breeze.


Need help picking out a color for your walls or need to get the job done quickly? Call on the expert services of The Painting Company and get professional results for the home you love. Have questions? Reach out to us for a quote or for more information on the services that we offer.

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